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Monday, June 30, 2008

school was okay today.
but i was damn damn damn tired.
cos of yesterday lah.

today during SEL, we talked about setting goals and targets.
and miss wee wanted us to answer some questions.

here are the questions:

1. Where are you now?
2. Where do you want to go?
3. Why do you want to go there?
4. How will you get there?

Reply 1:
1. In Singapore
2. Liverpool, England (Anfield)
3. Because I love Liverpool and I really really want to go.
4. By plane.

Reply 2:
1. Cedar
2. Home
3. Sleep, i dun like school
4 Take Bus 61

2A, can you guys guess who the replies were from?

and i found out that i have this good good good friend.
who wants to be a millionaire by 32!
omgosh, goodluck!
goodbye world. (:

let me start off by blogging about yesterday's competition.
It was the 7th Annual Nationals Scrabble Championships.
Held at Downtown East.
From so early in the morning till so late in the night.

And then like we didnt get anything.
By the way, my team consisted of: felicia, xinying, vivian, shujia and and duh, me.

The competition kinda sucked lah.
Ok whatever.
I think I did quite well.
But it could have been better.
But because this is team effort, that's why we didnt get anything.

So here are the reults for my games:

Game 1
Opponent: Logan (damn this guy keep scolding f-word)
My Score: 377
Spread: +53

Game 2
Opponent: Adrian
My Score: 384
Spread: +221

Game 3
Opponent: Ira
My Score: 507
Spread: +334

Game 4
Opponent: Nisa
My Score: 281
Spread: -59

Game 5
Opponent: Nazrul
My Score: 407
Spread: +153

Sucks sucks sucks.
Wah damn my game 4.
what the hell was i doing.
this kind of score. was worse than when i was in primary school.
i missed the old times lah.

stupid shit.

Ahhhh. Next year i'm not going for this stupid and retarded competition anymore.
and guess what, i saw dhruv there.
his mum still come and hug me.

i think the best opponent on earth is still NICHOLAS CHEONG. (:

Saturday, June 28, 2008


30 teams will be competing.

i'm so nervous now.
freakingggggg outttttt!

havent felt like this before.

wish me all the best tomorrow people!

i need a miracle.

Question of the Day:

Which one of our five senses do you consider to be the most important and why?

Friday, June 27, 2008

i've thought about this the entire day.

its time to put a stop to all this.
it hurts.
cos its just not the right moment.

glad that i've realised this in time
to stop myself from bleeding.

its as clear.

Hey there people! (:
guess i havent been blogging for a rather long time!
yeah so here's today post!
i am so proud of myself, cos all my artpieces!
i think its much much better than last year's!
yay :D
so here are my drawings.
enjoy! (:
and please tell me which one you like most!



Balloons! (not completed yet)

erm no title for this.
please pardon me.
its damn sick i know.
haha! (:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

please bring me back on the right track.

we had new seating arrangement today! :D

yippee! super super super HAPPY!
i love love love my seat! (:

and candia is sitting just behind me!
and singyi is somewhere near me!
yushu and boonhui is behind candia!
so yay!

okay i can feel the stress already.
its only term 3 week 1 day 3.

SCRABBLE FINALS on this coming sunday!
i havent revised my triple and double word list!
and there's NATIONAL DAY coming up!
i've been made the ndp i/c.
so i'm really stressed.
hope the proposal and all will turn out really well!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
my weirdo classmate!

this post is specially dedicated to one of my french classmates.
if you happen to read this, yeah, hope you know who you are! (:

i think you're a loser lah.
like seriously, look at the way you behave!
so childish, then you think you're being cute!
my gosh, havent seen anyone like you before!
interesting discovery.
use binoculars in class.
throw things across the classroom.
talk in a super funny voice, like a toad.
tuck in your shirt like some nerd.

wah really cannot stand you!
ok i know i'm super ultra mean.
but imagine yourself in my shoes lah!
he hates my guts. so yeah.
and he like throw stupid things at me during class?
thats damn childish.

ahhhhh. enough of my complaints.
little boy, have fun playing!
enjoy yourself yeah!
cos what you do doesnt really affect me! (:

school was fun today! (:
i'm so glad that i'm enjoying school nowadays!

swimming was nice, but retarded at the same time.
ahhh, so damn malu lah!
i cant do backstroke! then wah total disgrace!
and like my stamina dropped so much!
the most funny part was that i'm in the same class as singyi and candia!
so funneh!
they kept on laughing and laughing at me!

alright, looking forward to swimming next week! :D

and the most paiseh thing on earth!
today i totally made a fool out of myself in front of the entire school today!
"monitresses are to attend if sports reps are missing."
wow jolene how great!
haha, again, sometimes, it's rather nice for you to laugh at yourself at silly stuff you do!
well well well. (:

Monday, June 23, 2008

school was quite fun today.
better than what i have expected!

so lessons were as usual..
enjoyed maths quite a bit.
cos mr ang showed us his wedding animation and all lah.
damn funny.
but it was quite romantic i guess. (:
errr yeah and i could see varsha's expression!
she was so amazed!
hmmm. varsha, dun daydream ah! :D

laughed quite a bit during school today.
missed all my friends!
its great great great to see everyone today!

haiya haiya.
to sum up, I LOVE SINGYI!
goodbye goodbye.
oh and i'm looking forward to PE tmr! (:


i miss my imperfect run-up.
i miss the thirteen steps.
i miss the board.
i miss kicking the board and pushing off the ground.
i miss lifting myself up.
i miss the feeling of being in mid air.
i miss being carefree.
i miss landing into the sand pit.

i miss jumpers.
i miss fooling around with them.
i miss doing warm up and conditions even though i used to hate them.
i miss "fast-leg", "hurdle drills", "jumping jacks", "star jumps", "rocket jumps".
i miss drills.
i miss "simon-skip", "back to school", "bounding".
i miss cool down.
i miss every moment of it.
i miss long jump.
i miss everything related to jumps.
i miss the times.


the is post number 300.
and it shall be a significant one.

you made me see that glimmer of hope, then you destroyed everything.
you made me feel that sense of achievement, then you made me feel despair.
you made me enjoy every moment, then you tortured me by letting me see that plain truth.
you made me feel great about myself, then you made me feel like a loser.
you made feel proud of myself, then you completely killed my self-esteem.
you taught me lots of lesson in life, then you had to teach me what's failure.
you taught me how to overcome my phobia, then you had to teach me to forget and let go of everything.
you made me fall in love with you, then you made me hate you.

i wanna forget you, yet i can't.
i can't bring myself to do it.

until the day i die, i won't forget you.
i'll love you forever.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

school's starting tmr!
alrighty, wish everyone all the best for the new term! (:

should i go tomorrow?

congratulations to xuanjie for getting 2nd in national juniors, polevault.
and to howard, for getting 1st in discus.
haha. :D

thank you PEIXIANG!
and all those who cheered me up.
love you guys. (:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

felt so terrible today.
i havent experienced this feeling for a relatively long time. or rather, i had never felt like this before in my entire life. this burning surge in me to escape from all my problems, to put a stop to everything.

seriously, what i wanted to do today was totally crazy. i actually wanted to skip tuition classes. yes, i wanted to pon lessons. well maybe to you, it doesn't seem like a great deal. yeah, pon then pon lah, so what. SO WHAT. to me, i really did matter. till now, i still can't believe that i had this thought in my mind.

someone told me this "so go do something right now! go for your tuition and study hard, learn something, and you'll make yourself proud!" and it was this that made me decide to hang on.

i was really really tired. tired of everything. my life and all. tthis afternoon was perhaps the worst moment of my life. i struggled. i kept telling myself that i had to hang on hang on. but i just had enough of it.

why do people's life seem so perfect?
yet mine is like screwed, here and there!

i dun understand. dun understand. dun understand.

i tried to be happy.
i tried, but to no avail.
i'm sorry.
i just cant do it.

there were times that i felt like giving up.
but i know i can't.
cos as my mummy and daddy's only child, i have to be the best.
i have to make them proud.
i dun wanna let them down.

all these thoughts have become my responsibility.
at first i thought i could handle them.
very well.
nope i am wrong.
i cant. its too heavy a responsibilty.

it seems that i'm emoing here. i dunno either.
just feeling really horrible.
guess i have to put all my thoughts down.

i played the piano just now.
i kicked and punched my teddy.
but there's no use this time round.

school's starting soon.
in 2 days' time.
and i'm not ready.
i'm not recharged.
i'm not prepared for the new school term.

what on earth is happening?


i didn't grasp it tighter.
i let it go.
it flew away.
further and further,
higher and higher.
and soon it disappeared from my sight.

i dunno when all this started.
but it seems like all this have to come to a stop.
i have to learn to let go.

Friday, June 20, 2008

shopping shopping shopping!
that has become my favourite past-time! :D

IPW rocked.

yesterday we had IPW!
it was so damn fun can. (:
we went to AWWA. so yep.
went there and the person in charge, mr danny brought us to this room where all the kids were.
before i go on, let me just describe mr danny a little.

Interesting facts about mr danny.
1. He's totally gay. (to me)
2. He's weird.
3. He likes wearing swimming costume.
4. He has lots of fats. (i think)
5. BUT he's nice i guess.
that's about it. :D

okay so this room was like super super super duper noisy.
until i really cannot tahan.
yes i wanted to take the inititaive and take charge.
err err err, but i couldnt.
they were really really ______.
i cant find the right word to describe.
and there we saw this girl. supposedly a girl, but she behaves like a boy!
omgosh. like seriously lah. (and i think she walks like xuepiao!)
oopsie! :D (xuepiao dun kill me.)

actually we kept procrastinating. didn't do much.
just sitting around, comfortably, and yep, talking.(:
then later, finally we had something more meaningful to do!
it was the AWWA youth challenge 2008!
it rocked lah.
so there's like this DAI DEE competition.
yep i hope you guys know what it is. (:
and so they need another two people to join!
our two heroines of the day joined in.
and they're KEK CANDIA and NG SINGYI! :D
*round of applause*
the competition was really tough. our girls had to compete against people much older than them.
however, they displayed their strong fighting spirit and determination.
finally one of them emerged as a third prize winner!
i shall not mention her name.
you guess yourself!
is it candia?
or is it singyi? (:
at the end of the day, i'm so proud of my friend!
cos she's a DAI DEE QUEEN! :D

after the cip, we played table tennis there!
and i realised that i'm "damn pro" at it! yippee!
yay yay yay! :D
singyi also super pro. (:
and we make the best team!
shoo shoo candia and xuepiao!

can't you see all the efforts that i'm putting in?
i'm feeling so inferior now.
can't you just shut up and stop giving me so much pressure?
dun drive me crazy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Searching for my Happiness.

i just realised that i've been stressing myself out a lot nowadays.
which is kinda sad.
people tell me that secondary school lives are like honey moon period.
so i should enjoy more.
enjoy the company of my friends.
enjoy every moment.

yes so i've decided to lead a happy life.
dun give myself so much stress.
stop being such a perfectionist.

it sounds hard lah, like how do you suddenly change yourself?
but well i guess thats the only way.
i wanna live life to the fullest.
enjoy every single moment!

* i LOVE LOVE LOVE my friends! :D

searching for my happiness.

Auntie Sandra, Hongkiat and me!

After that, i went to plaza singapura! :D
yep went to meet hongkiat and auntie sandra!
fyi, auntie sandra was my ex tuition teacher!

had a really nice time there.
we went for lunch and chatted quite a bit.
haha, didn't see the both of them for quite long.
yeah so there was quite a lot to catch up.

we were talking about those days when we were in the same tuition class.
haha those were the days lah.
like everyday fooling around, joking.
and i remember many funny incidents.
the beggar one.
the car almost knocked me down.
this dumb boy saying something really retarded.

its nice to reminisce about the past.
perhaps it gives us a fresher insight to life.
yes. (:

look forward to meeting auntie sandra and hongkiat again! :D


today was a rather GREAT day! :D

started my day off with this leadership thingy. yup, in school.
it was quite okay lah. the games that we played were quite engaging. haha. especially the milipede or dunno what! hahah, so FUN!
but but but it's damn tiring trust me. yeah. damn tiring.

i realised that i miss school so much!
i miss my beloved friends. BELOVED FRIENDS , i repeat.
yeah and they include: Singyi, Candia, Yu shu, Boonhui, Julene, Ashley, Yan Tian, Varsha, Yuan Jing, Catherine, Xue Piao and Nat!
but nat didnt come. ):

yeah yeah. and we had this coach. she damn funny can!
haha i shall not say what she did, yup, but candia and boonhui told me this, "omg look at her!"
then they pointed.
then i looked up.
and i couldnt stop laughing! haha. and i guess everyone who saw that were laughing their heads off too! :D

school's reopening soon!
look forward to having fun and madness with my friends!
but not looking forward to work and more work. definitely not.

miss you guys! <3.>
feel honoured if you're in this picture! :D

Monday, June 16, 2008

damn bored now.
gonig to school later for dance practice. gahh another tiring afternoon.

okay that's life. my life.
and i realised that my blog entries are getting really boring nowadays huh.
so yes i shall make it more interesting.

let's see. hmm. since this holiday is like so boring, i must make sure that my december holiday is well spent. okay i shall start listing down the things i wanna do! (ha, its like damn kiasu lah.)

To-do list during the december holidays.
1. Go on a long holiday!
i) with hiok yeong, hiok wee, nicholas, philip, daniel and deborah!
ii) places i want to visit: lebanon, jordan, france, italy, spain, portugal, england and many many more lah.

2. Go shopping with SINGYI! and buy lots and lots of clothes.

3. Eat ice cream everyday. :D

4. Watch lots and lots of movies!

5. Visit Aunty Sandra with hongkiat! (:

6. Get enough sleep.

7. Go get a sun-tan and make myself really really dark!

8. Learn how to cook PROPERLY. (oops.)

9. Polish up on my french! (see, i'm such a good girl.)

10. Exercise and exercise.
so that i can lose weight and get tanner! (:

okay there's nothing more for now!
shall add on if there's anything else!

Je vous agite au revoir d'une distance.
L'espoir tout va bien.
Je crois que je vous manquerai.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

tomorrow is gonna be another busy busy day.
and i'm currently damn pissed with my stupid computer.
what the hell.
that stupid msn keep getting disconnected.
yucks yucks yucks.

holidays are ending soooooonnnn!
why why why! so fast lah.

this holiday is like so damn super boring can.
did nothing much, like yeah.
i havent even completed my homework yet!
gahhhh. i'm so dead.
nevermind, i shall chiong my work the last week.

projects projects projects.
when are they going to be completed?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pictures at Plaza Sing!

At Swensens!

Ice cream! Haven't eaten it for a long long time! (:

I love this shop!

I love this shop too!

Auntie Nancy's shop!

chocolates chocolates chocolates!

okay i must help Auntie Nancy advertise!
if you ever go to plaza singapura, go down to the basement next to macs and buy chocolates! (:
it's really really nice!

just got nagged at.
bleh bleh bleh.
handphone bill $73 dollars dunno how many cents.
siao stupid.

life is black and white.
life has its ups and downs.

yes and i think life is white and black.
sometimes i wonder "why am i actually doing things that i do not like? or even to the extent of detesting it?"
then answer i could give is: no particular reason.
just for the sake of doing it?
jolene, you're just trying to hard.

yes gerald you're right, i must not study so hard.

life is black and white with ups and downs.

hello everyone.
i'm currently in the midst of having tuition.
but but but, my teacher has allowed us to blog!
yes so cool! (:

so first thing.
i got back my phone!
yesterday mummy was being really unreasonable to confiscate my phone luh. what the hell.

erm secondly, i love love love plaza singapura!
went there yesterday after shopping at marina square and suntec.
shall post my pictures later, when i get home (:

andddd lastly for the finale
yesterday i was at plaza sing. then i received this sms from someone.
i better not mention his name, i scared he whack me. haha. (:
so yeah, he went to this shop, espirit or dunno what. he went in, and he tried on this pair of shades, for girls. then this 5 year old girl went to punch him. then he stared back at the girl for 20 seconds. then he quickly put back the shades. the girl wanted to like punch him again, luckily he zao. haha. and he says that the girl opened her eyes big big and stared at him!

haha so cute! :D
can you imagine how the situation was like?
goshhh, haha! (:


Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you.
#1 Hongkiat
#2 Boonhui
#3 Krystal
#4 Singyi
#5 Collin
#6 Gerald
#7 Candia
#8 Justina
#9 John
#10 Grace

1. Who is no.7 having a relationship with?
huh erm... i dunno. Candia is a good girl. (:

2.Who is no.9 having a relationship with?
oh oh oh! i know this one! but i shant make him paiseh.

3. If no.9 and no.10 are together, will it be a good thing?
it'll be a WONDERFUL thing! :D
john and grace! (:

4. What about no.4 and no.5?
it'll be MARVELOUS! :D
like fairytale story like that.

5. What is no.3 studying?
she's in VJC, erm J1.

6. When was the last time you chatted with no.6?
erm an hour ago. sms.

7. Does no.4 work?
erm nope! she's my classmate! SINGYI!

8. Does no.8 have any cousin in his/her school?
erm nope no idea leh.

9. Will you woo no.8?
huh wah. no lah she got boyfriend already. (:

10. How about no.5?
COLLIN?! errr NO. siao.

11. Does no.2 have any siblings?
yeap, she has a sister.

12. How did you get to know no.3 and no.4?
krystal: she's my senior!
singyi: she's my claasmate!

13. Where does no.1 live at?
oops. erm i forgot. )=
hongkiat sorry, dun kill me!

14. How did you get to know no.2?
she's my classmate! :D

15. Is no.5 the sexiest person in the world?
huh erm i dunno.

Friday, June 13, 2008

what the hell.
i quarrelled with my mum just now and she confiscated my phone.
how wonderful.
wah lao she seriously damn unreasonable lah!
urghh i'm super pissed now.
damn stupid.

have lots to blog about today.
shall do it tomorrow instead.
not in the mood now, cos i'm burning with rage.

damn damn damn.

anyway people please don't sms me until i get back my phone.
thanks a bunch.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

damn tired today lah.
it was like, today i came home, and i felt like sleeping immediately.
and this stupid hot weather is killing me lah!
well, woke up at 7 today and went to school to do some pc board stuff.
then had dance practice at 12. LOL. yes dance.
i didn't know that dancing is so tiring! turn here turn there.
i almost died!
nevermind, i must perservere!

yes tomorrow i'm free! (:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

urghhh sore throat and having a slight fever.
what the hell.

Monday, June 9, 2008

sick sick sick.
sick of my life.

everything is simply piling up like yeah, endless.
my holidays are like totally screwed.
hectic everyday, no time for myself.
even though there's time, i would always tell myself, "hey can you like just stop day dreaming? just get on with your work. you've got loads of them to clear!"
yes that's what i tell myself.

seriously sometimes i think that i'm such a loser.
yes loser. and i mean it.
mugging doesn't improve my results at all!
i would like to slack too. like really for once, don't think about anything.
don't think about work.
but i just can't help it.
perhaps this has become my habit. a habit which i could never change.

i'm so envious of so many people around me.
to them, life is so simple.
they live them to their fullest. enjoy themselves. have fun. full stop, thats it.

when can i do that?
when can i tell everyone proudly, "i love my life. i enjoy living on this world."
okay that sounded emo. but what i'm saying is like from the bottom of my heart.
these few months weren't easy for me.
a long and tough jouney.
many failures, lots of tears, lots of unhappiness.

i want to do my parents proud.
i don't want to disappoint them.
but sometimes i just can't bear with the stress.

i want to give up, but obviously i can't.
if i do, what will become of me?
i seriously can't imagine.

stress stress stress.

i want my freedom.

how do people fall in love with each other?
just walking by the streets and ta-da, you saw your dream girl or dream guy? just merely brushing against each other's shoulder? just exchanging phone numbers and then smsing each other everyday?
NOPE. it doesn't seem so easy.

why can't some people understand this simple logic?
why are people just so desperate?
i dun understand at all.

*to this special person*
ha, i seriously hope that if you see this post, at least you would feel guilty or what.
don't act innocent and simple-minded, cos i know that you aren't.

why are you always the one?
always the one who ruin people's relationships?
a 5 years friendship VS a 3 months relationship?
wow how great.
you really know how to manipulate people huh.
come on lah, i'm totally disgusted by your shitty attitude.
so stop it, slut.

it doesnt seem as easy.

Friday, June 6, 2008

001. What's the connection between you and the last person that called you?
Huh the last person who just called me? dun remember. but the last person i called is yoongkwei and he's my primary school classmate.

002. Do you ever turn your cell phone off? Erm no.

003. What happened at 10.00am today?
Was swimming or running at yio chu kang. dun remember the exact time.

004. When did you last cry?
During sports day? When everything was screwed up.

005. What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
I dun eat peanut butter.

006. What do you want in your life right now?

007. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put up your hood?
Umbrella or nothing.

008. What's your favorite thing to have on your bed?
My stuff toys (:

009. What bottom are you wearing now?
Black fbt.

010. Whats the nicest text in your inbox say?
Erm i dunno.

011. Do you tend to make a relationships complicated?
Hopefully not. I'm not sure.

012. Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?
Umm no.

013. What was the last movie you caught?
errrrrr step up two! haha so outdated. havent been watching movies lately.

014. What are you proud of?
Erm proud of...i dunno.

015. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
Errr howard saying that he's at VJC and is very bored.

016. What was the last song you sang out loud?
Erm dun remember. Everytime i sing out loud, people like yuanjing and boonhui will ask me to shut up.

017. Do you have any nicknames?
Not going to tell, damn embarrassing.

018. What does your last received text message say? Who was it from?
Err from gerald. Not going to tell what he said.

019. What time did you go to bed last night?
11 plus.

020. Are you currently happy?
Not really.

021. Who gives you best advice?
Friends (:

022. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
Ummm NO.

023. Who did you talk on phone last night?
No one.

024. Is anything bugging you right now?
Yes a lot.

025. What/Who was the last thing/person to make you laugh?
Leng Jen! (:

026. Do you wear toe socks?

027. Who was the last person you missed a call from?
No one.

028. Have you ever had your heartbroken?
Yes of course.

029. What annoys you most in a person?
Act smart.

030. Do you have a crush on anyone?
Currently no i think.

031. Have you ever done cocaine?
Huh i dun get this question.

032. What is the colour of your room?
Baby pink.

033. Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollar?
Yes maybe.

034. Do you believed in the saying "talk in cheap"?
Huh i dunno.

035. Who was the last person to lay in your bed?
Of course me lah, if not who else.

036. Who was the last person to hug you?
Errr taffy? During sports day. I dun remember.

037. Did anyone see the last person you kissed?

038. Do you have a life?

039. Have you ever think someone died, when they really didn't?
Yes, in my dreams.

040. What is the reason behind your profile song?
I dun have a profile song.

041. Who was the last person you saw in your dream?
Err Vanessa Ong.

042. Last time you smiled?
Forgot. But this morning i think.

043. Have you changed this year?
Yes, changed for the worse i think.

044. What are you listening to right now?
My television is on.

045. Are you talking to someone when you doing this?

046. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?
Open lah, dumb dumb.

047. Is there a quote you live by?
Yes a lot.

048. Do you want someone you can't have?
Huh, i dunno.

049. Have you ever played an instrument?
Yes. Piano Harmonica Guitar.

050. What was the worst idea you've had in week?
Me putting on weight.

051. What were you doing last night at 11.00pm?
Packing some stuff.

052. Are you happy with your love life right now?
I shan't comment.

053. What song describe your love life?
I dunno.

054. Does the person know that you like him/her?

055. Who always make you laughs?
Friends (:

056. Do you speak other language other than English?
Yeah duh. Chinese and French.

057. Are you blond?

058. What your middle name?
I dunno.

059. What are you doing tomorrow?
Piano lesson and tuition.

060. What do you think you are like?

061. Who will you choose to die with?
I dun want to die.

062.Where have you been today?
YCK Stadium and Swimming Complex. Later going out i think.

063. What game do you play often?

064. Who are you missing right now?
Erm no one.

065. If you've to choose between friends & love, who will you choose?
Friends i guess (:

066. What are you doing right now?
This super long survey?

067. Which primary school are you from?
Da Qiao.

068. Name 3 colours that you like.
Black, Blue and Purple.

069. What emotion you like to show?
I dunno, depends on my mood.

070. What is life to you?
Nothing much.

071. If you have something troubling you, what will you do?
Blog; Confide in a friend; Write in my diary.

072. Who did you last chat in msn today?
Hongkiat and Yoongkwei.

073. Who do you admire the most?
A lot of people.

074. Which month are you born in?

075. How are you feeling right now?
Tired. I want to sleep.

076. What is the time now?
2.14 pm.

077. Where are you now?
My home.

078. What colour did you use to dye hair?
I dun dye my hair.

079. Why are you doing this test?
Cause collin ask me to do.

080. What do you do when you're moody?

081. At which age you wish to get marry?
I dunno.

082. Who is more important to you? Boyfriend or friends?
I dunno.

083. Do you think you have enough confident?
Yes i guess.

084. Who is the person you trust the most?
Erm my friends?

085. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
Now, its to get good results and go to my dream college.

086. What is your goal for this year?
Get into my dream college. I want it very badly.

087. Do you believe in eternity love?
Erm nope not really.

088. What feeling do you love most?
Being high and dun care about anything?

089. Do you really think its Global Warming now?
Erm dunno, dun care.

090. What feeling you hate the most?
I dunno. (:

091. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Yes :D

092. Do you believe in God?
nah dun think so.

093. Who cares for you the most?
daddy mummy, my friends and err i think my piano teacher and tuition teacher( shiyun!).

094. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

095. What'll you bring when you fight?i'm not sure
I good girl, dun fight.

096. What have you regretted doing in your whole life?
Yeah a lot.

097. What would you feel that no one no longer cares for you?
I would rather die.

098. What if your stead two-timed you?
Break up lah if he's such a bastard.

099. How old are you?

100. How's life?
Not very nice.

People i want to do this:
leng jen, varsha, hongkiat, john, grace, yuanjing, candia, justina, melissa foo and everyone who is bored lor. (:

Remove 1 question from the above add in your own personal question,and bold it. Next, list 10 people whom you would you want them to do this, at the end of the post. Notify them in their tag box that he/she has been tagged/Pm them at msn.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

yayness :D

went out with singyi and boonhui today! (:
we went to orchard to shop, and at the end of the day, our legs were aching like crap!
ok not mine lah. (:

and i officially declare myself as someone who has no sense of direction at all!
tsk. thats really bad. what if i get lost in a jungle?

so we went to far east and boonhui saw her so called friend. soon we got really sick of the place and then we walked to the heeren. bought and pair of shorts there and yeah walked around.

then we went to takashimaya! i love the kids section! (: gosh all the toys there damn nice lah! and clothes! boo. but dun think i can fit into them anymore! gahhhhh i am so fat! ):
bought a really really really awesome shirt at takashimaya! damn damn damn nice! i love love love it! (: gosh.

that basically sums up everything!
had a really wonderful time with boonhui and singyi!

hahaha. here are some pictures taken! :D

me and singyi in nice and cool sun glasses!

look at our nice nice cute cute bags!
bob the builder and barney!

me and singyi! guess who is which!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hello. my blog seems so dead. okay so i'm on a mission to revive it now.

went back to daqiao today to have scrabble training with the p5s and p6s. played two games and it was like kinda okay. at least i didn't lose to primary school kids, if not damn paiseh.

okay then i walked around the school, just to find mr peh. ha, see i super nice. so i saw him. talked for one or two minutes and then he went back to teach his class. yeah thats about it.

then i went to the canteen with yu chan and michelle. it was pouring so we decided to chat for a while and wait for the rain to subside. both of them are p5s, so it was kinda weird at first talking to them lah. but soon it got better. found out lots of stuff from them. including blue house getting third this year! boo. FYI, i was in blue house and we got first or second every year lah! what a letdown. ):

today's trip back to daqiao made me realise that i actually miss my primary school life. i miss the times when we ran around the parade square playing "virus". i miss the times when we would play hopscotch before supplementary lessons and when the bell rang, ran all the way back to classroom. i miss the times when all of us sat at the same table, chatting while we eat. i miss every part of the past. but it also came to my realisation that, i was really foolish in the past. yeah the memories and all.

talked to melissa on msn just now. i miss p6 ruby a great deal; but everyone seems to be so far apart, like magnets with similar poles. thats very saddening. i wonder when will there be a chance where everyone can get together, laughing and reminiscing about the past.

yes i look forward to that day. really.

i love DAQIAO.
i love 6RUBY.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

ok hello everyone. once again, i've switched to blogger again, and i guess i probably wouldn't switch to anything else again.
its so late and i haven't finished my tuition homework. gahhh. tomorrow sure get scolding. whatever. i'm just gonna finish it by hook or by crook.

gosh, i am having second thoughts. i've lost my direction.

perhaps my choice was all wrong from the start. i havent the slightest idea what to do now. mummy says that the choice is up to me. yes, up to me; and if i made the choice wrongly, i have to face the consequences myself.

i remember when i was young, i always knew what i wanted. i knew my goals, my ambition, the path i want to take in the future. but it seems that everything is in a blur now, just like there's a haze right in front of you.

i need to make a decision.

which path should i choose?

(dated: Thursday, 22 May 2008)

yes you've been given a chance. you've been given a chance to prove yourself. but does it mean that you have to be proud and arrogant, and think so highly of yourself? anyway for your information, you didn't get in. you didn't qualify; yet you act as if you're the winner and that you own this world. you say things without going through your head. you've hurt me over and over again, if you didn't know. we used to be on such good terms, but come on, you spoilt everything. we can't be like before anymore. not ever again. after all this, you made me decide to stay on and persevere, because i wanna beat you. i wanna show you that complacency simply brings about failures.

There's no finishing line. (dated: Wednesday, 21 May 2008)

today's the end of everything. everything has officially come to a stop. jolene is pronounced dead too.

but she wants to live. (okay that sounds contradicting)

she knows what she wants, she knows her goals. she strives hard to achieve her goals. now, the result is out. she's not the least sad, in fact, she's very proud of herself. through the entire process, she has seen herself grow. a lot a lot. she no longer do things half-heartedly like before. she knowsthe result right from the start, but she believes in miracles. well, maybe a miracle didn't happen on her, but she's glad that she has done her very best. she loves what she's doing now and she'll perservere till the very end. she'll not give up that easily and sucumb to any difficulties that block her way. there'll never be a finishing line, so long as we don't give up. yes, thats what she believes in.

thanks. thanks for spending time on me. thanks for willing to let me do what i love. i will never forget what you've done for me. she's full of grattitude, and this will last forever.

darlings, we gotta stay strong. love forever.

there will never be a finishing line.