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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my blog is like so dead.
very tired and lazy to update lah.
this few days is like sometimes sad and sometimes happy lah.
actually nth exciting lah.
quite, or rather disappointed wif my results.
i mean wat kind of results is dat?
i havent gotten liddat in my whole life before lah.
work so hard and wat i get?
ugly results staring back at me.
wat kind of logic is dat?
oh well, i have no one to blame lah.
blame myself only lor.
stupid brain.
i guess i'll have to work harder nxt year lah...

although its holidays now, im not really in the holiday mood lah.
its like super super boring. nth to do one.
waste time.
we had this CRUSH thingy in sch.
they teach abt internet safety and all.
or wat u call netiquette.
quite interesting lah.
teach me how to be careful.

and today the pupil leaders results came out.
ok i dun think i shld talk abt it anymore.
its like very wat....

today french class we watched a movie at the theatrette.
ok lah quite funny.
but the so called atmosphere was kinda weird.
you guys noe wat?
in the whole big big theatrette ONLY got 4 girls.
its like super pathetic lah.
and got a lot of ppl laugh until erm....
tsk tsk.
then after that we went back to class and played HANGMAN.
the teacher juz randomly form us into grps lah.
according to our seats.
boon hui, sarah, nurshazwani, me, samuel, mark, joseph and another boy (sorry i dunno his name) same grp.
wah can die arh.
the other grp got very pro ppl lyk naishad chenglu ah gong etc.
wah they super smart can.
ok nvm.
we shall try harder nxt time (:

woohoo and its 4 more days to holidays!
dunnid wake up so early to go to sch.
can have my beauty sleep at home.
lol jkjk.
i will still have training!

oh im quite excited abt going to beijing for exchange!
hopefully i can learn sth impt lah.
kays very tired need to go and rest alr.
people enjoy ur hols!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i am super pissed off now.

i am sick and tired of that. really.
i am envious of people who have such carefree life. nth to worry abt. no stress.
ok but this will certainly not be the case in this ever changing society.
everyone is busy wif their own things.
in this world its either you survive or you perish .
its forever so competitive.
classmates comparing results etc.
why must we compare since it'll make another person look inferior?
i am getting sick and tired of all this.

stupid stupid.
i am giving myself so much stress for wat?
i dun understand this.
everything also must perfect.

sometimes i think i am super pathetic.
ok not sometimes. is most of the time.
my schedule is so tight that i have no time for myself.
its really stupid.
arghh i cant stand this kind of life anymore!
i am going crazy!

i miss my childhood.
i miss the days when i was so innocent.
living in my own world.
those days were super peaceful.
i dun have to worry abt EOYs and all dat stupid stuff.

i need to breathe(:
haiz i guess i need a wonderful and enriching holiday.
i'll probably be ready to chiong for sec 2 then.

Friday, October 12, 2007

havent been blogging for days.
to lazy lah.
ok i shall start with wednesday!

Wednesday was a FUN but TIRING day.
In the morning, from 8.30 to 11 plus, i had training.
urghh...so tiring.
got muscle ache and stuff. aiyo.
then after dat me, catherine and xuepiao meet outside the sch and we went VIVOCITY together. Felicia never go coz she had sth on...
At vivocity, we went "KOPITIAM" to eat lunch.
Vivociy is damn super big lor.
after lunch then we went SHOPPING!
ok maybe must say WINDOW SHOP cz we didnt buy anything much lah.
i tell your arh...
xuepiao and catherine very bad.
they say they will force me to buy clothes.
shhh....dun tell them.
later they scold me!
and we promised dat we will not go home unless someone buys sth.
so in the end i kena lor.
i bought a shirt from Forever 21.
wah there wasted a lot of time.
coz when i was there in the changing room, DAT STUPID LOCK CANNOT OPEN!
but then xuepiao and catherine say is i dunno how to turn the lock or dunno wat lah.
but seriously, its the lock's fault lah.
and i love this shop called "Pull and Bear".
very cute!

ok thursday and friday.
these two days are nightmares in my life.
haiz we got back our results.
thurs: eng chi lit
fri: sci maths history

ok i dun want to say my results cz its damn embarrassing.
i got...
6 As (including geog and french) and 2 Bs.
i not lyk kashmira. so pro.
and u guys noe wat subject i get B in?
my goodness.
it used to be my best subject...
ok and my mum nagged and nagged the whole day.
i expaected my literature to get this reult lah.
i knew it.
but i thot i would have gotten worst.
oh and here, i wanna express my heartfelt grattitude to CATHERINE GOH and YEO SHOR PEOU.
haha thanks!
analyse lit so hard!
they call me analyse one.
if not i wonder wat kind of marks i would get...

its really unfair.
i study until want to die also get this kind of stupid results.
haiz damn unfair!
but wats over is over lah.
dun brood over it anymore.
yah i'll get on wif my life.
pick myself up frm where i fell down.
perhaps this is LIFE.
you have to learn to accept failures before you can succeed.
gtg for now.

*Varsha, i didnt get all A1. see?

To: a boy frm 6 Ruby
i hate you, really.
do you noe i feel lyk giving u a tight slap?
dun think you are older than us by juz a few years means dat you are smarter and more knowledgable.
stop acting lyk everyone has to listen to your advice or they will probably regret for the rest of their life.
pls lah.
its getting...
ppl take third lang also must "consult" you.
seriously get a life!
who do you think you are?
and lastly I HATE YOU.
the more you talk, the more i despise you.
so dun talk. shut your mouth.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007



it seems dat life after exams arent dat GREAT afterall...
yesterday i went shopping. go orchard.
my dad bought me a new digital camera. heehee.
pink colour one.
coz they only got dat colour. so sad no black.
and the best part is dat i dun have to share it wif anyone else!
nat says dat "all the photos of her deserves to be inside my cam"
haha ok then i shall take some nxt time!

then i went to paragon or dunno wat lah.
wah the things there damn ex sia.
my mum bought shoes there.
so envious.

then we went to takashimaya. (is the spelling right?)
hmm...the things there are rather affordable.
i bought some clothes and a pair of jeans.
very tired cz walk the whole day..
so yesterday night sleep until lyk pig liddat.
i think.

this morning 7 plus wake up went to jog.
track is starting tmr.
i am so fat and fair.
time to lose weight!
and get tanner.
i want to be dark dark.
very nice. i mean to me lah.

no one is at home wif me now.
daddy has gone to work.
mummy go to her friend's house.
i didnt want to go coz its super boring there.
wif all the kids. so noisy.
lyk got ants in their pants liddat. cannot sit still.

i want a sibling.
maybe an elder bro or sis.
at least got someone take care of me.
and keep me company.
i am so LONELY.

morning when i woke up, i took a picture of the sky:

so nice right? i mean the sky. its so vast.
when i showed it to xp, she laughed leh.
HAHAHAHA its so funny(:

and i quite sad.
coz got sth bad happened.
not to me. but to my neighbour.
my neighbour's grandmother passed away on monday morning.
she is 93 this yr.
so sad right?
life is so short.
why must people die? i dun understand this.
life is so fragile.
sometimes u might think dat ur existence is not impt.
but think harder.
who will u affect if you are no longer in this world?
your friends you family and those who care for you.

do wat you wanna do now. dun drag drag drag or it might be too late.

i suddenly want to become a doctor.
i wanna save lives.
i wanna help the patients fight their diseases.
i wanna do wat i can to ease their pain.

well i was crapping.

ok gtg for lunch now(:

jiayou! and live life to the fullest.

"Live each day like it's something you shld treasure; don't just act like you are killing time here on earth." ----Devon

Sunday, October 7, 2007

i am so frustrated now...

ok yesterday was a tiring day.
ok not really lah.
i went shopping.

walk the whole day.
leg pain leh.
i didnt buy dat much things lah.
bought a skirt, a pair of shoes and some clothes (frm G2000) lah.
urghh...i want a new bag!

ok dats all for today.
not in the mood to blog.
gonna chat on msn alr(:

brrr...its freezing cold in my room.

Friday, October 5, 2007

let me give a conclusion.

Jolene thinks dat she will DAMN BADLY in her EOYs.

ok great.

firstly, the english paper was hard.
the chinese paper was hard.
the science paper was hard.
the history paper was hard.
the maths paper was DAMN HARD.
the literature paper was DAMN HARD.

aiyo cannot lah.
everything also so hard.
the best part is that...

my french oral was horrible.
i actually said english during a FRENCH ORAL.
my goodness.
and the french paper.
it was total crap.
i all anyhow do one...
ok i can bet dat naishad will top again.
urghh nvm.

oh and i saw a lot of ppl during the 3rd lang paper.
haha. so fun leh.
i saw hongkiat, and he is still as short as before. (ok he might be taller than me)
i saw douglas for the first time.
i saw toh hong (wah he look damn serious. lyk want to kill ppl liddat)
i saw wei lu.
still got who arh...
ok all my schoolmates and french mates!

i screwed up everything lah....
ok lets wait for the results nxt week.
and i shall see how "smart" jolene is...

all the best to those who have not finished their EOYs!

i am so happy.
u noe why?
because exams are OVER!
stupid EOY...
ok well everything is over now!
i feel lyk opening champagne to celebrate lah!

rmb hor last year 10 Oct then psle end.
so fast leh. one year passed in the twinkling of an eye.
and i am growing old soon.
see another couple of mths and im gonna be 14!
aiyo so old already...

this year my exam end on 5 Oct(:
haha poor p6s.
too bad!
today was one of the greatest day in my life lah.
i played the WHOLE DAY!
haha ok not really play.
catherine, xuepiao, felicia, samantha, luoting, zhen yi and me went to tampines mall together!
wah it was super fun lah.
our stomachs were growling lyk siao. so we went to eat lah.
it was then that we splitted up wif sam, zhenyi and luoting.
catherine, xuepiao, fel and me went to eat mos burger.
then we go walk walk around tampines mall.
wah so many things to see leh.
so nice!
i was so tempted to buy all the stuff lah.
but too bad.
so cannot.

then we walk walk walk.
came across this shop hor.
got sell the test tube.
then inside put your name one.
so cat xp fel and me made one each.
the uncle was so cute.
we keep on bargaining lah.

then we go take neoprints.
however, the neoprints shop auntie go eat lunch.
then cannot change money.
then we wait.
meanwhile we went to the bookshop.
they sell second hand books one.
ok so we went in their juz to browse thorugh.
xp cat and fel go and pick up some books to read...
what kind of bks? u have to ask them urself!
i am the MOST INNOCENT one!

then so long the auntie still havent come back.
then we continued walking.
ok finally she came back.
wah this auntie not scared got ppl go in her neoprints shop and carry away all the machines meh?

oh yah, we went popular to walk also.
and hor, we looked at the o levels book!
some questions were rather dumb.
lyk wat provide energy for the start of the food chain or sth liddat.
then we also see the A levels one.
dat one chim.
and xp look at dunno wat economics.
i open the book arh, first pg alr dun understand wat the heck they talking abt alr.

after taking neos, we went to walk walk again.
and then we decided to go watch a movie at century square.
we could not decide wat movie to watch lah. so in the end we chose "Ball of Fury".
this movie is abt a boy called Randy Daytona, a ping pong player.
i shant say anymore.
go watch if u are interested.
but seriously it was worth lah.
quite nice.

after that we went to collect our that test tube thingy.
and then sayonara!

it was really a fun day(:

oh and...
cat xp and fel, pls tell me the meaning of "round!"
thank you very much!

*he sat behind me during french exam! my goodness.
je t'aime!
tu es mignonne et beau(:
j'ai tombe amoureux avec toi.