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Monday, March 31, 2008

i dun wanna say hello now.
i am not in the mood.

i screwed up that jump.
can't believe this man.
how hard i have trained and prepared for everything.
and what did i get today?
one underboard and one overboard.
wow jolene you're great.
how great.
(please sense my sarcasm.)

lengjen i love you!
i'm really proud of you!
you broke your pb today!
congrats woman!
i knew you could do it!
sorry i didnt keep my promise to prove to him.
now i end up having to write reflections.

anyway, conclusion is, i love leng jen!
and yea, dear, we will stay as best friends forever!
you're the bestest triple jumper in my heart!
always, forever!

we'll stay close and tight!
once again, good job!
i'm proud of you! (:

Sunday, March 30, 2008


tomorrow is the BIG DAY .
for Leng Jen and Me
it's triple jump.
Leng Jen we can do it!
Yes we can.
tmr must chiong all the way.
i dun care, i am so gonna try my best!

this is specially for my dearest bestest hottest coolest trackmate!
L E N G J E N! (:
Leng Jen, you ROCK.
thanks for always being there for me in track.
thanks for going through all the turmoil with me.
thanks for encouraging me all along.
thanks for fooling around with me.
thanks for camwhoring with me after training.
thanks for going home with me all the time.
i can't thank you enough!

Leng Jen, tomorrow we must do our best ok?
i believe we can do it!
must break must break pb! (:


Friday, March 28, 2008

hello again.
i need to blog for 3 people now.
varsha: my bag is COOL ok! Its not big lah! tsk tsk.

yuanjing: your food is so nice! thank you thank you. you know i love food!! (:

yan tian: i love pizza! *hint*. haha.

ok thats lame.
anyway, JULENE LOW has been hounding me for her pics.
so here it is.

hello hello!
ok today was nice.
i took a picture with singyi!
and hor, naughty girl!
she kidnapped my ERNIE!
tsk tsk. scare me. i though my ernie gone!
ernie is cute ok!

but we are CUTER!

haha. ok enough of self praise!

you came to our class today.
do you know how much i hate you.
your that stupid facem i really cant stand it.
stop acting enthu and like you're really concerned.
you're so fake.
i will thrash you.
just wait and see.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

jolene lee.
you're damn smart today you know.
you screwed up the whole french exam!
i am so proud of myself.
shall see what kind of results i want!

I love xuepiao.
She so rock =))
rock more than me.
(sorry the above is by yeo shor peou herself.)
so thick skin.
but i like boonhui.

today when i came to school, i was sad.
today when i going back, i am happy.

catherine describes:
jolene had mood swing today.
her leg bandage up like elephant.
she limped to school like a sad elephant.
then she became happy.
but she still looks like an elephant.
the end.

yea i smacked ny books on my table this morning.
i am cuter than an elephant ok!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i sucked today.
i am damn disapointed.

jolene lee, why are such a loser?
you've made up your mind to chiong all the way.
but obviously you cant.
you cant even walk properly and you wanna sprint?
that doesnt make much sense.

you're thinking too highly of yourself.
come on lah.

i suck. seriously.
i cant even thrash the person i hate with my own ability.
ashley had to do it for me instead.
thanks ashley.
you made me feel better.

thanks for everything people. if without you guys today, i will probably have cried until now.
thanks ashley, badi, julene, si jia, yan tian, taffy, clara, yun yun, natalie, syu, amanda, peiyan, nicole, jin rong, alex, zhi xuan, stephanie, leng jen, tiffany, samantha (2S) etc and etc. and thanks jumpers, especially seniors, sec 2s and megan and yiling. i love you guys.

oh and samuel, wei zhen, xuanjie.

5 more days.
i must get well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i miss you too!

hello hello.
tmr is the day.
26 March.
so scary!
i'm afraid i will screw up and pull the whole team down!
omg. omg.
i cant afford to do that!
i must think positive.
tmr is important.

I can do it.
I believe in myself.

Oh and i forgot.
stay happy and sweet!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

hi hi.
i am soooooo stressed now.
i dunno why.
yesterday i had a really bad dream.
woke up crying.
omg i am such a crybaby.
i am so so so tired.
26 March.
31 March.
then 1 April.
It's all coming.
I gotta do my best.

did i make the right choice from the start?
perhaps we shouldn't even have met.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

ok finally TODAY!
actually today nothing much to say lah.
as usual lah.
haha. (:
oh erm.
today a new girl is born.
her name is Ashley Julene Chong Shu-yun.
haha. cool name eh?
yes of course!

and one thing which made me quite sad today.
he thinks that i am stupid and slow.
so mean right!
nevermind i will prove to him that he is WRONG.
i will do it. wait for me.

ok ok whatever.
julene simply rocks lah.
haha. julene low u better thank me!
hope you had fun smsing my friends! (:
ashley you too!

today was like so slack lah.
miss wee didnt come.
and varsha went PULAU UBIN to FISH?
haha so funneh.

oh ashley you rock.
must treat me ice cream! (:

and and and!
yesterday i had home econs lesson!
and i cooked with JULENE LOW SHU YUN.
and you know what happened?
ask her!
chicken also dunno how to cut.
skin also dunno how to peel.
potato also dunno how to peel.
even gas tap also dunno how to on!
tsk tsk tsk.
summore drop her home econs cap into the curry!
omg eww julene.
dun kill me!
i am nice ok!

ok wednesday no comments.
but but but.
i have to say something.
i know i have repeated this for like how many thousand times.
but yea, i still have to say it!

to my besties in jumps:
"I love you guys a lot a lot. Really. We've been training together for like so long. Yea. Gone through thick and thin together. You guys are always theere for me, no matter what. Yesterday you all have done your best! and i am really proud of you guys! So, jiayous for other events during sports day! break your pb! "

well well well.
triple jump. 31 March.
omg i am so stressed! )=

my blog is dying.
i shall blog!
haha. (:
ok start from which day?
haha, ok start from tuesday lah.
erm tuesday usual thing lor.
go school.
after school go moelc for french class..
so sad right my life.
everyday study study study.
i am getting sick of it.
oh noooo! how?
anyway, i guess a lot of people saw samuel at moelc.
and someone actually suggested to take pics and post on the secondary school scandal website...
lame. =.="

Monday, March 17, 2008

today is like so super TIRING!
i am sick.
having slight fever.
having severe flu.
so yea.
PE everyone was like chionging so fast?
and i had to follow!
and yea there's no training today.
cos mr seem is overseas.
but but but.
there's sec one sports day long jump today!
and my dear juniors, yiling and megan took part!
i was there to help out lah.
and to support them!
see i so nice right!
haha. ok whatever jolene.
i am really amazed with what you guys have done!
Yi Ling and Megan, you've done your best!
so dun be sad about the results ok!
you have done really well and i'm really proud of you guys!
you can do better next time yea!

saw everyone so united.
really like a team.
cedar jumps.
i love you.
woohoo! (:

thanks syu for everything!
really nice of you!
i will do my best, i promise!
triple jump triple jump.

jolene jolene! you can do it!
i will overcome my fear and do jumps proud!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

aww i am having slight fever now!
school is starting tmr!
urggghhhhh! ):
i will get well soon.
i must get well soon.
i am so tired now!
gotta sleep soon i guess.
looking forward to the starting of new term!
yay :D

good job today!
haha nvm if you didn't get top 5!
you did your best yea!
haha. (:
i miss you.

its 12.23.
and i havent sleep.
school is starting soon!
looking at all my results, jolene, you ought to pull up your socks!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

All the best for tmr! (:
must do your best kay!
you got 24th! and you beat him!
you're sec 3 and you got that wonderful position amongst the sec 3s and 3s and 5s!
so thats like wow!
so tmr i am sure you can do it!

"Tmr 16 March 9.20 @ ITE Simei: Steeplechase All Comer's meet! "

ok i shall blog about thursday!

ok part one.
i went to cat's house do project!
aiyah it was more like some party then project lah!
oh and sam super super hyper.
touch here touch there.
mess up catherine's room!
her hands so itchy lah. (:
oh catherine, you make fabulous cheesecake!
i love it you know.
oh oh oh!
and me, catherine, samantha and xuepiao bought a soft toy at cards and such!
haha we all have the same one!
SO COOL right?
yes i know.

now for part two.
i went vivo city with samuel.
ok so yea we went to watch STEP UP 2!
ha, wendelynn told me that its nice!
and yea, its VERY NICE!
so yea.
we reached vivo at like 6 plus.
then we went to the foodcourt to eat.
and you know we passed by this girl giving out dunno wat paper.
so FUNNY CAN! i wanted samuel to say hi to that girl and ask her for handphone number!
how crazy can i get?!
then we walk walk.
oh yah i remembered we went to the wat St James Power Station.
somewhere near there lah.
haha. the scenery is like super nice! (:
so after that we went erm where arh?
oh ACTION CITY i think.
and samuel bought a GREEN TOFU!
the one i have on my bag! (:
its cute ok!
so yea.
then go walk walk lor.
then before we went in to the cinema..."ta da!"
we saw KIMBERLY.
haha. kimberly was like so FUNNY!
ok i better stop.
i enjoyed the whole movie!
haha so after the movie we went down, you know the place near the cruise centre or what you call that.
haha whatever.
so yea we sat down there though it was wet due to the rain just now.
haha. you're so nice!
clean the place dry first summore.
thank you! (:
yea we talked.
and after that sadly it was time to go HOME.
perhaps after that night, it would be very hard to go out like that already!
cos everyone is busy with their own stuff you see.
no time lah.
i enjoyed that night seriously.
it was really really nice (:
haha. love ya!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

haha. (:
i so nice right! jkjk.

and then.
i am not a penguin though.
u should say " a fast cute and lovely penguin!"
perhaps that sounds better!

Monday, March 10, 2008

hi hi hi.
back from sph camp!
enjoyed myself quite a lot lah!
haha. anyway that's not the main point.

yesteday my camp ended around 3 plus.
then i went out with my friend.
we met at pasir ris mrt station then go vivo.
then go buy tickets.
watch the LEAP YEARS!
soooo NICEEEE! (:

after that we went to you know the vivo city then got this open space at the top.
then can see the sea and all.
yea there.
then decided to do something really dumb!
we sort of copied the movie lah.
then we wrote our wishes on this paper.
and folded it into an aeroplane and threw it down!

really had fun yesterday!
thanks for everything!
youuu rockkk. (:

Friday, March 7, 2008

and nat, wow i am SO AMAZED by him!
hehe. (:

damn sad damn sad.
today's training was _______.
really disappointed with my lousy performance.
haiz dun talk abt it alr.
i cried during training.
triple jump is niceeeee.
i love it.
but today, wat on earth happened?

sad. no words to describe.
why did this have to happen to me?
i am really afraid.
i am afraid i cant jump anymore.
but thanks to my team, which cheered me up!
nice nice seniors, nice nice team mates, nice nice juniors!
i love yun yun, nat, jue ying, jing yi, leng jen, aisyah, ,melissa, yi ling, megan, tiffany, syu and of course...
omg she's so nice!
nicole was super nice to me today too!

YAN RUI u really ROCK!
LOVE YOU like siao.

ok ok. enough abt me.
conclusion: jolene is sad now.
i dunn owat to say. really.
loss for words.
tmr i having sph camp.
errr sian sian sian.

lastly julene, enjoy ur cruise holiday!
nxt holiday we go together k?
love you loads. (:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

aiyah how can i forget sth so IMPORTANT?!
i wanna congratulate sudisha on topping the class for HISTORY!
woohoo go sudisha!


many things happened today!
so yea one moment i was SAD AND CRYING.
the other moment i was HAPPY AND SMILING.
wth is my problem?
tsk tsk tsk.
i really dunno.
today we got back _____ result.
i stared at the marks for a moment.
no words came out of my mouth.
until like a few minutes later, then i realised i did really badly.
then i started crying.
cant believe my eyes, even until now.

then the whole SEL was spent crying and emoing.
the whole class ws sad i guess.
yah they were.
and this particular person was really "good" in comforting others yea!
she said "remeber to live up to your potential ah!"
and that was it.
it spurred me on to work harder.
dun let her look down on me.
wah she super BIAS can!
buay tahan ):
yah and "being the top higher chinese student in PRIMARY SCHOOL" was the FUNNIEST PART!
recess was nice.
the huge bunch of us sat at the same table.
talking and talking.
so yea that cheered me up.
at least i still have all my friends!
so yay!

2A dun be sad!
i am sure we can all do better!
prove HER WRONG yea!
and jolene, you must not slack cos u detest the teacher k!
unfair to yourself only.
nat! thanks for the note! so SWEET!

and then and then, wanna thank everyone.
like: cat, xp, boonhui, julene, ashley, varsha, nat, singyi, yan tian, candia, yu shu, hanis, yuan jing, badi, charmaine etc etc.
haha .thanks people. oh and i missed out yun yun!
yea so thanks yun yun!

at least i feel much better now!

FRENCH was erm _______ today.
fill in the blanks yourself yea!
alright gtg.
will blog again if i feel like!

Jiayous 2A! (:
the best class on Earth.
i love you.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i got this from JULENE'S BLOG!

"Jolene Lee, dont be sad okay! You are the bestest prefect everrr and we shall train everyday during March Holidays! I promised you that for the nice Caramel biscuits right! (: "


ok now i am gonna blog.
i am sad now.
quite sad.
but i am quite glad that i still have all my friends with me!
thanks people, for everything(:

ok now, training today was nice except for the warm up part.
i was really really sad.
almost wanted to die.
i tried hard to contain my tears.
so it didnt roll down my cheeks.
just welled up in my eyes.
i dunno wats wrong with me...
like really.

however, i enjoyed the later part of the training.
had circuit training cos it was raining.
then after that, someone shouted "Jolene! Jolene!"
so i dashed there.
it was tiffany, syuhaidah, yun yun and nat.
i thot they saw sth interesting. in the end...
haha they told me to run for them in the relay.
so cool right!
so yea i ran. last runner.
tiffany was first.
syu was second.
yun yun was third.
nat was fourth.
and i was last.
so yea.
wah one round around the old cedar corridor, abt 180m.
so i got that thing from nat, and i ran.
with jacinda right in front.
wah she ran like wind. fyi, she's a sec 4 senior.
so around the corner, i couldnt catch up anymore.
felt like dying.
but cannot, cannot let my teammates down yea!
so i shouted "jacinda! i love you!"
haha. so it was this trick of mine.
she didnt stop!
and she ran faster.
so dumb of me sia.
so yea we ran and ran.
and at last we got SECOND!
you guys ROCK! (tif, syu, yun yun, nat)

after all the relay and stuff i was really tired.
but i could sense the tean spirit we all had.
i love cedar jumps team! you guys ROCK! (:
so yea really.
cos in Cedar jumps i found my really really good friends who are always there for me.
so people i really love and wanna thank:
Leng Jen: I wont forget all the great times we had together camwhoring and doing silly stuff with the medicine ball!
Jue Ying : I wont forget the times we did abs exercises together in the past; the times we took the same bus home wif leng jen and talk abt _______.
Jing Yi: Will always remember the times we had on the cab! haha.
Natalie : Thanks a bunch for all your help and encouragement! It motivated me to work harder you know.
Yun Yun: cute girl! haha thanks for everything, all from the start!
Syu : Thanks for writing me letters! haha. (: and thanks for guiding me all along!
Jie Wei : "Lao shi!" haha. thanks for all the help! must train hard yea!
Tiffany : Thanks for all your encouragement yea! you're really cool!
everyone everyone!


NEXT, i wannna thank all my friends too!
today i am sad.
but because of your presence, i feel really blessed.
you know, like heartwarming!
so i wanna thank:
catherine, xuepiao, julene, singyi, candia, boonhui, varsha, nat, yantian, ashley, yuanjing, yu shu and others which i forgot.
thank you thank you!
wont forget all the great moments we've shared together!
i love everyone!
including myself.
yes i hope so.

sports day is coming!
oh oh oh.
must train hard!
hehe. (:
Go 2A! Go Bougai!
i love you guys ! err so random.
ok forget it!
holidays are coming!
so YAY!
i am gonna be so super busy man!
haha. (:

at computer lab now.
damn sian damn sian damn sian. ):

Sunday, March 2, 2008

oh wait.
i must comment on CANDIA!
her socks are sooo cute!

and yuanjing.
ta da!
this is for you!
erm cool hairstyle, cool laughter and umm her blurness makes her cute!
ok ok happy?
must say thank you arh!

ok so thats abt all!
of course have others lah.
but i lazy to post so many lah.
thats it for today!
continue tmr!
shhh... actually is sh call me write one lah! (:

Saturday, March 1, 2008

i shall upload my pictures now. although not everything is here.
at least got some!
haha. (: