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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 more days to end of term 3!
i am so super happy!
during the hols, i have to work very hard. coz when sch reopens, got lots of tests and exams!
i will burn midnight oil!
but i promise to give myself a break too! if not i may juz die.
i am going back to dqps on friday!
and so many ppl are going back too!
so happy.
hope i can see all my classmates!
i miss them!
especially su fen, candice and joey!
and on 8 sept is the nationals junior scrabble!
i will be seeing all my seniors.
and till now, i think i am the only girl going to be the lane runner.
yesterday i called and ask the boys. so scary lah.
i was stammering. so malu.
today training was kinda fun.
si pei is the new captain! and i think she is really nice.
all the seniors lyk very nice!
quite tiring but fun!
and we saw a rainbow in the sky!
when we were striding!
shall end here today.
oh and we had the pushcart competition!
its nice! and i hope we will win lor.
shall upload some pics nxt time!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

today is such a boring day.
i wasted all my time.
its so dumb of me!
i should have made full use of the time!
anw, yesterday i watched campus superstar until 11!
so nice lah.
but its sad dat benjamin/keely never win!
at first (i mean at the start of campus superstar), i supported marcus, zijie, junjie, wilson and benjamin one. then all out. left benjamin. how sad.
haha. and i think keely is very pretty!
well, the results cannot be changed already lah. no matter wat i say.
oh and i really hope to see a cedarian in the top 20 in the nxt campus superstar!

tmr school starts. so sian. and i am still sick.
ok not very sick but a little lah.
i dun want to go to school! so boring.
but luckily tmr is the last week of term 3!
then holidays! though it is one week, it's still holiday!
i shall sleep the whole day!
and when school reopens, must chiong for end of year exam alr!
i cant afford to do badly!
so jiayou jolene!

and is anyone going back to daqiao on teachers' day?
if yes, pls sms me. or tell me also can lah. anything.
i am really looking forward to meeting my ex classmates and candice, sufen, joey they all.
and of course i hope i will see HIM! so long never see him alr. (he is sec 2 btw)
haha. i think only one person knows who 'HIM' refers to!

kay i shall end here. urghh...i am super tired.

Friday, August 24, 2007

today is such an unfortunate day.
i lost my wallet.
and i am sick.
terribly sick.
today my whole head lyk i dunno wat.
turn and spin and turn.
siao lyk washing machine liddat.
urgh... and now i am having a fever.
the doctor said i caught a cold.
and perhaps i am too stressed up or wat.
yah this week is so tiring.
piano exam, french exam, literature exam and stuff.
i wondered how i fared for everything.
hope everything is well...

i think listening sure fail.
ahahaha. the direction i dunno a single one of them!
woah jolene, u are so smart!
round of applause.

today is the nomination for leadership positions.
PCs and PSLs.
and our dear catherine goh...
she is so popular!
haha. but i must say she deserves it.
yushu, catherine, shujia, levina, felicia, sherilynn and me got nominated!
i am so surprised.
but seriously i dun want to be lyk rizwana liddat.

oh and juz now got one person.
she so wu liao.
call me think of imaginary boyfriend.
i shall tell everyone wat is her imaginary boyfriend lyk:
1.she wants a foreign bf.
2.we communicate using msg in a bottle
3. brown eyes
4. must be tanned
haha. so high lah her expectations. anw, i hope she finds her prince charming soon! lol.

lastly, i want to thank those who cared for me.
i will get well soon!
thanks a bunch people!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

this is my 91st entry!
and now i am having a TERRIBLE HEADACHE.
cant stand it anymore.
urghh. i feel lyk banging the wall!

so many things happened today.
first was my piano exam.
it was damn freaking.
trust me.
the examiner. omg.
my whole body was trembling!
and my hands lyk frozen liddat.
wat a horrible feeling.
oh and i want to thanks all my frens for wishing me all the best!
i was really damn scared.
i dun want to take piano practical anymore!
i have phobia.

and today i saw CHEW HONG KIAT!
he look so cute in SJI uniform.
emr, st joseph instituition i mean.
he said dat douglas was waving to me.
i didnt see him. so paiseh.
hongkiat was wif a huge bunch of friends.
so i dun dare go near.
coz i dunno them.
haha. and perhaps i am too shy!
but they lyk very nice.
anw, hongkiat really changed a lot.
he was not the cute cute small small boy i knew in the past.
now he so mature alr.
so cute!
and he said that he tucked in his shirt upon seeing me.
haha. want to act guai mah.

and i saw jackson today!
haha. at novena square.
he was walking with his fren.
so sad he didnt see me.

and today i saw MELISSA FOO!
she was my classmate leh.
and we talked for i think more than half and hours.
so much to talk right?
she say i grow taller already!
haha. i am so happy!
but i think i am still short lah.
haha. so i hope i will continue to grow!

french exam is on thursday.
and i think i sure die.
okay i shall go and study now.
wish me good luck!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

tmr is monday.
and school starts tmr.
i dun want to go to school!
so sian!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

it has been a long time since i last blogged.
4 days since i last blogged.
haha. so busy.
15 Aug:
first of all, i want to wish my great friend a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
thanks for standing by me all the time!
and lending me a listening ear when i am sad...
thanks a lot!

16 Aug:
today french class was kinda fun. hahahahaha. i think cheng lu and naishad counted the no. of times i said "huh?"
lol. and monsieur told me to go up and say that oral thingy.
so embarrassing. i dunno how to pronounce so many words. then must fake fake.
anyhow read. phew! luckily it was sort of correct! haha.
so i am quite "smart" rite?
and naishad says that he is sick.
i am so HAPPY!
haha. better not let him see this entry. later he kill me!

17 Aug:
today training starts.
only one sentence to describe.

18 Aug:
my whole body is aching like mad now. i am limping. thanks to ytd's training.
all the running.
all the leg drills.
all the striding.
i am going to die soon.
or maybe not so soon.
i dunno wat i am talking abt.
lol. i am so blur.
i realised that i still cant do bounding properly.
looks lyk i have to work harder!
and today i still got tuition.
damn sick of it.
and thanks to my great fren for letting me confide in u!
and thanks for encouraging me!
i will get on with life.
braver than ever.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am both sad and happy now.
which one do u want to hear first?
well, i think i say the happy thing first.
1. Felicia wrote to me today! with the super nice orange envelope! so nice of her! thanks! and so now everything is back to normal. i really appreciate that. haha. its kinda weird to quarrel at this age! lol. I love Felicia! thanks for everything!
2. Today, i got back my maths results. i am so happy that i didnt fail! yay!
3. i realised that i really enjoy every moment with cheryl, si jia, charmaine, sherilynn, preethis and the rest! haha.

now the sad things.
1. i think my maths really very horrible. although i passed. sigh. y cant everything be lyk primary sch? i hate this!
2. sigh. i think i am a failure. french seems so hard. i cant take it anymore! i am going crazy anytime. shld i drop? i dunno. i think i am dumb lah. stupid.

ending here. coz i have to go and do my stuff.
oh and i finally noe why RI boys excel in their studies. its because of their attitude towards learning. sigh...
i wish i could be lyk them.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

it has been 2 days since i last blogged.
yah should be lah.
i blur blur one.
well, i have been studying french the whole afternoon.
wah very difficult.
i am going crazy!
and my piano exam is round the corner!
this will be a short post cz i am talking to a lot of ppl!
ok so i shall end here.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

its 2.21 am !
omg i broke my record!
my record was 2.20 am!
i love myself!
i actually studied HISTORY FOR SO MANY HOURS!
and sweet dreams, jolene!

its 1.33 am now.
i am still studying.
i mean mugging.
urghh...i am going mad!
i am not that tired actually.
think i can burn midnight oil till 2 plus bahh...
till now, i am still very happy!
i am looking to french class nxt tuesday.
i am damn excited!
lets see wat will happen!
and btw, i talked to MELISSA FOO juz now.
i long time nv talk to her alr.
she damn cute lah(:
keep saying that...
tease me for wat?
and she has an imaginary boyfriend. (created by me!)
called ALBERT!
tmr morning i am going to wake up at 6 plus to go exercise!
kayys. got to go and study already!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tomorrow is Singapore's birthday!
Happy Birthday Singapore!
Today we had National Day Celebrations.
It was kinda cool.
i saw the parade.
the npcc, ncc, girl guides, red cross all marching at the courtyard.
they are very disciplined.
i doubt i can ever do dat.
then after that got dance performance. very nice. they are all so graceful. urghh...not lyk me, super clumsy. haha.
finally, we went up to the MPH for performance and prize presentation.
the prize presentation part was a little boring. but well...
the performance was excellent! marvellous!
the choir sang. esther and jasmine was up on the stage!
the music was melodious.
with the accompaniment of the piano and violin.
hmm...it really inspired me.
music is really nice.
and i wont ever give music up.
it will always accompany me no matter where i go.
music is in me!
the guzheng ensemble was great too!
charmaine said that it takes a lot of effort to play the guzheng properly.
haha. yah i agree.
for every performer, they have to put in lots of effort in order to get a round of applause from the audience.
lastly, we had community singing.
it was fun!
it was then that i realised that afterall 1A is not that cliqueish (pls tell me if i have spelt wrongly!) .
its really nice seeing everyone holding hands. swaying to the tune of the music.
its really nice.
i wont ever forget that moment!

this yr's ndp song is nice.
i love "There's no place i'd rather be".
i shall type the lyrics out one day when i am free.
after everything, we cheered. i mean all the cedarians.
everyone was very enthu!
its really great to see that. and it definitely portrays the CEDAR SPIRIT!
go Cedar!
oh i love my school!

after the whole celebration, i chiong back to the classroom.
to take photos.
we took a lot of photos.
me, sherilynn, cheryl, si jia, preethi, levina, charmaine, zhen yi, gloria. i 4got still got who alr.
i shall upload the photos one of these days!

this "holiday" is quite short.
oh and good news, i finally finished all my hwk!
i am so proud of myself!

gtg and sleep.
its getting dark!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Today is one of the happiest day in my life(:
Je tombe amoureux!
oh because of a few reasons lah.
i got back my science results!
i got 27 over 30! which equals to 90 percent!
so damn super happy.
coz its the highest mark i ver got for science!
since pri 4 my science damn super horrible.
and i got back my english compre too!
i got 20 over 25! which equals 80 percent!
ok lah. i am quite satisfied.
and today someone told me sth which made me quite happy! haha...

but today french class was kinda boring...
nearly fell asleep.

and today, charmaine went for her piano exam.
i hope she do well.
nxt nxt tuesday is my turn.
i am so scared.
will tremble lyk mad surely one.

well well, i think recently i keep going recess with cheryl, sijia, charmaine and the rest.
its kinda fun.
i love them!

now the very super sad part.
i hate this person who hates me.
who do u think u are.
dun lyk me then go fly kite lah.
wtf. asshole.
dun lyk me then siam lah.
talk so much for wat?
waste my time.
and ur own time.
so pls stop ur childish act of coming to ppl's blog and tag stupid and mean stuff.
if u want, u can come find me.
tell me who u are.
if u are daring enough.
dun be a coward.
put ur name lah.
want to hate people still no guts.

Monday, August 6, 2007

today had training till seven plus then reach home.
very tiring.
but it was fun lah.
had maths and dnt test yesterday(:
i think i would probably flunk both.
recently so unlucky one.
must go and pray alr.


and passerby, please tell me who you are!
i am very curious to know ur identity.

tomorrow maybe we will be getting back our science results.
i am so scared.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

this will be a very long post(:
i have not blog for a long long time.

i got back both my french and history results.
i got full marks for history! yay!
as for french, i got 10.3 over 15.
i am nt really contented lah. i think i can do better. urghh...
and monsieur said that i deprove le. i am not the jolene he knew last time.
then benedict turn around look at me.
i must say, he is cute lah.
sarah passed!
and boon hui got 10.

NAPFA yesterday.
i mean the five items.
i got A for everything.
except for sth.
which i dun want to mention.
i got C.
damn disappointed with myself.
i cried.
coz i wasnt happy.
was it attracting lots of attention?
i dunno leh.
thanks to those who showed concern abt me!

and durig training ytd.
mr seem sort of scolded me again.
i lyk the throws seniors. and the sec 1s.
they damn nice.
of course the jumps seniors and sec 1s are also nice!
i want to specially thank jiewei, hanan, cassandra, jue ying, jing yi, hafizah and zhi xuan!
thanks for al ur encouragement!
i damn scared lah.

hmm...and today.
sth horrible happened.
i realised this person called pepper said that he/she hates me.
i was so sad.then after a while, i tot.
"so be it lor! hate then hate. no big deal!"
then got a spammer.
called passerby.
want to find trouble issit? lame duck.
recently, i really very suay.
and boonhui, sorry):

today i smsed sufen.
realised that we had some misunderstanding.
anyway, sorry sufen for wat i have done.
i mean if i have hurt u or sth.
i will treasure our friendship!

monday got maths test.
i damn scared.
scared i fail.
and tmr i am going suntec city.
with my mum and auntie felicia, who is also an ex cedarian.
maybe hiok yeong is coming along too!
i hope he go also.
if nt very boring.
oh we goin to the travel fare!
booking tickets for dec holiday trip!
still nt sure whr to go yet.
perhaps spain and portugal!
i am so excited.

well, i have to go and do my stuff alr.
tmr morning got tuition.
so sian.

*oh, i think i have a crush on this boy.
he is so cute!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

this post is specially dedicated to Hafizah, Jue Ying, Jing Yi, Jie Wei, Tulasi, Yun Yun and all those who have helped me in one way or another. (oh, my seniors too!)
i am really very grateful to all of you!
all of you have really helped me a lot.
today, hafizah, jue ying, jing yi, jie wei and tulasi taught me sth which i didnt noe how to do!
the lean back and forward thing.
i juz cant do it.
they are very determined
to teach me this
i am really very touched.
i have finally understood the real meaning of team spirit.
they never gave up though it was really hard.
thanks a lot buddies(:
i love u guys!
today i am damn super sad.
coz i kena scolding.
i tried my best.
sry mr seem.
i will try harder.
i can feel ppl talking behind my back.
but it doesnt matter.
i will pick myself up.
training was tough today.
we did lots of stuff.
i almost died.
or u can say
Jolene Lee died.
sigh...i wonder how long more i can persevere...

i was damn pissed off yesterday.
by this someone.
i dun wanna mention names.
and please dun talk behind other ppl's back.
its damn rude.