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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

today is really a terrible dayy...
hmm...lessons were BORING, made me so lethargic!
except for PE. It made me so "energetic".
being tortured lyk mad...wth...
we did some sit ups version 2 that ms poon invented. that is to sit and stand sit and stand. wah damn tiring...then she come and ask me wat part of body we use. i so retarded lah. dunno the ans.
then after we went to the bitumen track. wah scary place. did jumping jacks. she said sixty but i never go and count. i dun give a damn. then after that do all sort of funny stretching.
next thing, RUN. that was the worst part. at first we ran for 3 rounds which is 1.2km. she said one round can't be more than 2mins 20s. torture.
i came in fourth though... timing: 6 mins 54s. yay! round of applause!
then she started scolding those ppl hu walked...and stuff lah...i never listen. coz i cant be bothered. i am too tired to listen to her.
then after the lecture, she call us to run again. 2 rounds, 800m. however, those ppl's whose timing the previous time was more than 7mins 25s had to start running first.
i was lyk "wth! I have no more energy le!"
we ran 1 min 30s after the ppl who started first. ms poon think we superwoman arh, can run so fast meh? i oso dun have broomstick so can't fly oso wat. *sry for the bad english! * sigh...tried and gave my best. coz i suddenly rmb wat Yoong Kwei told me. so i chiong and chiong. at the last part, i sort of sprinted lah. lyk running after my life liddat. levina was catching up though. hmm...i kept running lor. coz ms poon say must look in front. dun slow down or sth liddat. can't rmb. so i dashed.
i got first i think...
she never tell me my timing.
but after this, i was feeling really unwell.
luckily got julene's ice.
if not sure faint.
back to class was maths.
i couldn't pay attention. damn sick.
so i slept through the lesson lor...
sigh...hope we dun get tortured lyk this anymore!
tmr is archery lesson! no french coz of the speech day. looking forward coz archery is really damn super fun! i love it!
today i hang out wif singyi, julene and candia...nth much to say abt lah. nice ppl...
gtg and sleep alr. long entry huh?
goodnite and sweet dreams to myself!
i <3>
and btw, i had piano lesson at 3.30 to 4.30 today.
then got tuition frm 5 to 7.
can u imagine how tired i am now?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finally get to blog...so many days busy lyk mad lah...going crazy liao! I dun want sch to reopen so soon leh...lyk not enough time liddat...ok, today we shall talk about how i spent my last wk of holiday! On the whole i think quite well spent lor. At least i learnt a new skill-Archery! Lemme tell u more...
Archery is really very fun lor...met quite a lot of friends there(:
Esther, Tanya, Kellie, Crystal, Florence etc.
The coaches are nice...erm assistant instructor still ok lah...but all lyk to gossip de lah...esp nicholas goh frm maris stella. he keep lyk laughing at me coz of my grip. and then gimme junior bow. wth. but he is quite nice lah...Wymer (or rather the short and fat guy), i never really tok to him but he everytime oso say "Good!". Still got one guy, the korean looking one..wah, gimme a lot of pressure leh...keep standing behind lyk a housefly!
These few days, everyday see Candia. coz she go for the lesson wif me mah...wah she damn pro, hit the bull's eyes...
When i shoot the arrow, sometimes i imagine my enemy's face there. shan't tell u hu he/she is!
Esther even more pro lah(: Talented archer!
I really learnt a lot these few days. Archery must concentrate and u can't think of other things if not very distracted. Then can't shoot well le!
I am gonna continue archery(:
provided the training fits my schedule!
yay! i am so happy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hiies! I havent blog for so long... Well, today i went for Archery! ITS DAMN SUPER FUN LAH! EXCITING! ARCHERY RAWKS! hmm...can't type a long entry today. Have to go out now! Yay! =D Tell u guys more abt archery nxt time! LOL...bye bye!
Note: To Roysmond and Toh Hong: Sorry...never really wish u all a Happy Birthday! Erm happy belated birthday! I noe its kinda late. Sorry! (Their b'days are on 13 June!) All the best in everything!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I am crying now...So upset with all the things happening around me. People said that i have changed. Have i really? Yah, perhaps i have changed le bah...But wat can i do? Sometimes i feel that i dun even noe hu i am! its ridiculous! isn't it? I juz noe my name: Jolene Lee. Wat else do i noe? I am useless. I suck at everything. I'm really one horrible person. So many project works. I can't breathe. Recently, so many things have happened. So much that I felt so ill the past few days. I can't stand the pressure anymore! I miss all my frens in primary sch. Especially sufen. I quarrelled wif her for lyk so many times and it was until the end of the year that I realised that she is my best friend. Ha, Joey oso. Now, wat has become of me? A useless bum! Have i really changed? I dunno it either...life has been so miserable since i started pursuing my dreams...Its really hard to pursue it...it seems to be flying away from me. How i wish i would never grow up. I would be foreva a child playing wif my Barbie dolls! Growing up is a painful process... Can anyone please tell me wat to do? Have i really changed? PLEASE TELL ME! I FEEL SO MISERABLE! SOB.SOB...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Yesterday was quite a fun day lah...went out wif my primary sch best fren Sufen, Rebekah, Jackson and Jing Fei. haha....erm, first time meeting Rebekah and Jackson. I met Jing Fei before. Last time after PSLE, went Sentosa wif Hong Kiat, Vanessa they all lah...its lyk million of years ago le...
Back to yesterday, we went to watch The Legend of The Sea! Its quite nice lah...Bought Nachos, Twisties etc to eat....Sufen is lyk damn super crazy abt Lin Yu Zhong or sth lah...lol...
After the movie, we went to The Coffee Bean. I ordered Hot Chocolate...then we talked...abt quite a lot of things lah...cca? sch? and someone else...Really sorry Sufen and Rebekah, like leave u all out liddat. You all must have felt lyk a fish out of water! So sry....no common topic btw the five of us...so sry...After that, we went to the arcade! So fun lah! We had car-racing etc. There was one time me and Sufen compete...then she go an knock my car and i knocked hers! lol...but still, she damn pro lah, get 1st! Then after that, so sad, we went home...so sad...
Really had a fun day! Jackson and Jing Fei are nice people! Gentlemen...haha....and Sufen and Rebekah very pretty oso! Sufen become so chio now lah! So envious lor...
Kays, enuff abt them...now, my turn...I JUST WENT TO CUT MY HAIR! DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE LE ! NO MORE LONG HAIR! LOL....kays, u all shall see me nxt time!
Got to go and sleep le lah....bye!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Recently, i dunno why, i do a lot of thinking... perhaps becoz i got nth better to do ba....but it really makes sense...
LIFE is really short....do u all agree? I think it is....one day everyone has 24 hours...eveeryone has the same amt of time. Why do some people have such great accomplishment in that 24 hours while some juz waste their time away? Yesterday, i heard from my mum that a girl juz jumped off the building...it was quite near frm my house lah...i was shocked...i asked her why. She said that she heard frm her frens dat this girl quarreled with her boyfriend or sth...i was like "Huh?! U serious?" It is a blessing that u are born into this world...so y dun u treasure it? Do sth meaningful and enrich ur life! Dun waste it! Well, let me share wif u all a short story i have read...
Make The Most of Today
Imagine that there is a bank that credits your account each morning wif $86,400. It carries over no balance frm day to day. every morning it deletes wateva part of the balance u failed to use during the day. What would u do?...Draw out every cent, of course!!!
Each of us has juz such a bank. Its name is TIME.
Every morning, it credits u with 86,400 seconds.Every night, it writtes off, as lost, wateva of this u have failed to use for good purpose. It carries over no balance.It allows no overdraft.
Each day, it opens a new account for u. Each night, it burns the remains of the day. If u fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours.
There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow".
You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get frm it the utmost in health, happiness and succeess! The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no one...
Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is mystery,
Today is a gift;
That's why they call it
The Present!
Hmmm...Seems that I have wasted a few years of my life! In the past, i was damn spoilt lah...can't even sweep the floor, wash the dishes etc. Ask 6 Ruby if u all dun believe....thinking of the last time me, i am really a failure! Now, its time for me to learn and be independent! Jiayou! =D
Start now! Reminisce the past and embrace the future!

On Tuesday, i went to Tampinies Mall with Felicia and Xue Piao! We met Catherine there...then ate lunch lor...So sad Catherine's brother got camp that day lah...sianz...Actuall we wanted to go to the Soup Restaurant to look for sumone...but blame it on catherine lor...she dunno where it is! lol...Catherine, jkjk...so after lunch, we decided to shop around...then we took neoprints...uploaded some in the entry.....

Well, are they nice? lol....i look damn ugly coz i never look at the camera or wat u call that....After that we went to Catherine's house...(Terrace house) Her house damn big- 3 storeys! Surprisingly, Catherine's brother still at home leh! But he gave us a cold shoulder lor...Felicia and Xue Piao keep saying "Best view!". Dunno wat they toking abt...then we started on our chinese blog project. At first we fooled around...ran on Catherine's treadmill...so fun...but i so scared i will fall own coz i have a phobia of treadmills! =D I ran for 500m then Felicia say i must run more...so i ran lor....ran for another 500m which makes 1km...was damn tired. Imagine running in jeans and bare footed! So uncomfortble leh...then after that, ate chocolates...until fat fat...then went home lor...hahax...we took taxi to toapayoh HDB hub then me and Felicia took Bus 88 home....i reached home at 7 plus...late huh?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hello....its me again!
This time round, on the cruise, i thought of quite a lot of things lah...
Rmb saturday, 6 plus, i was sitting at the balcony of my room...listening to some songs and looking at the picturesque scenery. Hmm, the sea is so vast, so nice. I dunno why, suddenly i think of the time when i was Primary 6. Yes, indeed, i've come a long way...

Hmm...i thought of the time when i had BCG. Joey, Candice, Yi Yan, Xin Yun, Melissa and all...thanks for giving me the courage! Thinking of the BCG now makes me shiver...i dun want to face it ever again!
Before PSLE, so scary sia... i was afraid i would get 230 or sth liddat...thanks Melissa...for teaching me Science the day before! Thanks Wei Ren and Roysmond for giving me advice! Rmb there was once when i cried coz the workload was simply too heavy. Wei Ren told me : 坚持!Well, this spurred me on lah...
I thought of the Netball match we played. Adrenalin pumping. Haha...it was a miracle that happened. Thanks again to Joey, Xin Yun, Candice, Joelance, Pei Sin and hu else arh? i forgot...so sry. I used to be so afraid of balls...Ask Joey and Candice! They were the ones that told me not to be afraid. They gave me the courage lah.... especially Joey!
Lastly, after PSLE. It was one of the happiest days in my life! Sufen and I hanged out together all the time. We shared secrets and things! Lol...sufen...rmb the letter u wrote me? haha....Now when i read back, still very touching leh....
Graduation Day, we sang the "If we hold one together" song. I cried. lol...so emotional....
Now, I would like to thank the people who made an impact on my life in Da Qiao:
Sufen- My best friend! Though not for very long, but u will always be in my heart! Frenz 4eva! <3
Candice,Xin Yun, Joey, Yi Yan- Thanks for cheering me up when i am sad...and little things u did for me! Like comforting me before the BCG...or even when i failed my Science....I really appreciate that!
Eva, Wei Lu, Yu Hui, Joshua, Jin Lei and Toh Hong - They are smart people! Made me strive for the best I can. Let me soar! Especially Eva and Joshua! You made my life full of challenges! Thanks!
Damian, Qing Xuan and Joshua- for being in the same team as me in Scrabble! We potrayed teamwork ba...though everytime kena scolded my Joshua...but actually not scold lah...Thanks guys!
Yoong Kwei- for letting me confide in you since the starting of Sec 1 ! And thanks for telling me abt track! Last time we were not tat close...haha...but anyway, juz wanna thank you!
Sebastian, Zhan Rong- for sometimes listening to wat i have to say...
Liu Chun, Jin Lei- for giving me advice! You are like my brother and sister...although Liu Chun sometimes very irritating...no offence kays?
Melissa, Valerie, Guo Chang, Joelance, Pei Sin,Yu Hui, Wei Lu, Shafiqah, Jia Rui - for everything lah...You guys are great frens!
P6 Ruby is the best class I have ever been in! Thanks for all the wonderful memories! =D I believe the memories we had will forever be in my heart! For eternity....*Am i being too mushy?!*
For those i forgot to thank, if i think of it, i will post it! So sry!
Of course, I want to thank all my teachers too! Mr Peh, Mr Foo, Mrs Tan and Mr Wu! Thanks for everything!

Super Star Virgo!
I AM BACK! Hmm...very tired now...coz i only had a few hours of sleep there...played lyk siao....i got to noe quite many frens there! Especially Amanda! She is so cool! lol....

Shall put some pics for u all to see how the cruise looks like!

It is the Grand Piazzo! Nice right? lol...

This is how my room looks like!

There is a balcony!

My room no. this time is: 09562! Nice no. eh?

The Neptune Wet and Wild Pool!
Very cute right?
But so sad i never go there and swim this time round!

Starlight Video Arcade!
This time round, i spent quite a lot of time here!
This is where i got to know Amanda and Anabelle!

Parthenon Pool!
This pool is for people aged 12 and above! lol...

The Lido!
You get to see Artiste here! Erm, this time round i saw one.
I dunno who he is. Not my generation ba.
He is called Samuel Tai Zheng Xiao.
Anyone knows who he is?

This is the reception...

The Promenade!

Nice place to look at the sunrise and sunset!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Thursday (31 May)
Today is Vesak Day. Also my mum's birthday! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MUMMY! Today, i went to Bishan J8 in the afternoon...bought two things. A Bag and Jacket...OMG, i better not go shopping! I am poorer by around 80 dollars! wth... Then after that, my dad treated my mum and I to dinner! We went to Thai Express, one of my favourite restaurants! My body is aching lah...frm all the exercises i did on wednesday during the training...hmm...exactly lyk wat Jing Yi said...u can lift that thing up...u can complete it...but ur body will ache...and ur hands can't move the next day! How true!

Friday (1 June)
Today, i am going on cruise! CRUISE TO NOWHERE. Hmmm....i am nt really very excited lah....lol...

Monday (28 May)
Went to Asissi Hospice early in the morning! The kids there are so cute! But sad case lah...they all have cancer....sob sob... I taught two little boys....They are Kenneth and Dinny! They are SUPER CUTE! After that, we went to Swensens to celebrate Catherine's Birthday! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CATHERINE! lol...

Tuesday (29 May)
I AM DAMN SICK! DYING...but, i still went to Bugis to do project. The newspaper thingy lah...WAS VERY UPSET COZ STH MEAN HAPPENED...I WILL ALWAYS RMB THAT....HATE THE PPL WHO MADE ME SO UPSET! SOB SOB... i am so invisible!

Wednesday (30 May)
Went for training...still very sick...i HATE THIS FEELING! Went to the gym room...do the Lat pull or wateva...then i carried 3 kg dumbell! So proud of myself! Go! After that, i had breakfast with Melissa and Yu Hui...then i went home! I am so bad! Abandon they all liddat! So sry, my frens! Then got piano lesson lor....

OMG! I have not updated my blog for a million years! I am here to blog again! this is gonna be a long long entry! Dun fall asleep! I will make it short and sweet!

Start from last Friday (25 May)...
Went to Da Qiao Campfire night...Damn sian lah...but its nice seeing the P5s putting in so much effort to perform! And its good to see all my friends once in a while! I saw Joey, Candice, Suzann, Shermin etc. Wow, everyone seemed to have changed! All so chio one lah... Saw many teachers oso lah, Mrs Tan, Mr Foo, Ms Tng etc... Well, I love Da Qiao! It will be 4eva in my heart!

Saturday (26 May)
First Day of holidays. Woke up very early! Went to Da Qiao again. Went to Char Yong (Dabu) Association to get my scholarship lah! It is amusing to see everyone in their uniform!
Eva- Nanyang Girls'
Weilu and Yu Hui- St Nicholas Girls'
Toh Hong and Joshua- Catholic High
Zhan Rong and Shafiqah-Anderson Secondary
Me and Xin Yun- Cedar Girls'
Hmmm...everyone seemed to have changed! However, Zhan Rong is still as sissy...Zhan Rong, no offence kays? but u MUST TRY TO BEHAVE LYK A GUY LAH!
After that, Eva, Yu Hui, Xin Yun, Shafiqah, Xin Yun and I went to AMK Hub to shop around and eat lunch lah...its a pity we didn't take photos...
After that, we went home! Hey guys, miss u all 4 eva! LOL...
*I met Yun Yun at Char Yong Dabu Association!