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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Am i the Jolene i used to be?

This few days have really been busy lyk hell.... i am feeling down in the dumps these few days.... i a so sick and tired.... damn tired lor.... can't stand it liao.... I 've been feeling quite sad too! Over the past few days, i've been thinking of several questions.... When will i become a mature young lady? When? i dun want to be childish.... in fact i hate to be childish.... am i the jolene i used to be? I am so sad.... Should i continue being the old jolene hu lyks to act cute etc.? i am so confused.... wat do u guys think? i really feel lyk crying now.... I can't control myself! Jolene, jolene where ar u? What should i do? Which jolene do u all prefer? Pls help me!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hiie.... i miss Da Qiao liao.... sian.... homework is piling up lyk hell.... i think i will die soon... haha....tmr have a geography test... i will probably flunk it lor.... tell u all hor.... my sch got IT Portal liao.... everyday go to sch dun need to mark attendance leh... just tap ur ezlink card on a machine will do.. shiok rite? haha... not advertising lah..... heehee..... yah, tell u all, i find that actually boys frm Raffles aren't dat stuck up lah... after being in the same French class as them for two wks, i admire them.... i mean i very 'pei fu' they all... they are so smart! I met Yoong Kwei a few days ago on the bus in his Maris Stella uniform.... heehee.... he look damn cute! Still not very tall lah, Yoong Kwei, no offence arh!!! ltr he will say i very short oso.... lol.....he say i look odd in Cedar uniform! actually not really lah.... i find it quite ok... Actually hoe, i should have gone to Danmund High or Chung Cheng High main lor.... at least got more handsome guys to see! haha.... i am so envious of Joey, Candice, Yi Yan etc lor... so good....sigh... Oh yah, i need to remind those of u in P6 Ruby hu really cares abt Candice. ( including guys )- u noe wat i mean... Candice's birthday is coming soon! Must buy her present hor! Must be big big one hor... Candice, dun bash me up ok? haha.... Yah i saw Anthony one day after my French class... wah , he look lyk a pig !! Hey Anthony, no offence.... haha

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hi everyone,
Long time no c huh? I miss all of u terribly! This wk i went for my French class... it sux! The boys from Raffles Instituition ar so stuck-up.... proudies! Yah, but cannot generalised... i met an old friend there... he is in Raffles Instituition now... cool sia! He is called Ku Pao Jung.... last time in the same tuition class as me one lah... haha... i still recognised him leh... see? I can recognise ppl very well... all those in 6 Ruby... ltr 10 yrs down the road, if i see u on the streets wif ur bf/gf/wife/husband, i will recognise u for sure! haha... dunno whether u still recognise me or not? heehee... i think i won't change dat much lah.... Yes, a reminder, i have changed my gmail address. It is now: jolene.chillipadi@gmail.com my hotmail oso... but jolene_bluesea is still in use lah.... Keep in touch guys! Take care! and Cedar rox! St nick and Catholic oso rox! Satisfied Yu hui and Guo Chang?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yippee! Three hundred dollars earned 2day! Today i went 2 the Cheng San CC Edusave Scholarship Presentation...Yah... I was damn excited lor! Coz i can wear my Cedar uniform! Very mountain tortoise hor... haha... Anyway, today i saw Joshua Eng in Catholic High uniform... haha, i 'um chiou'.... he look funny.... wahahaha.... but ok lah... dun badmouth him...later he come and punch me then i die! Heehee... I oso saw Eva... she lyk dunno me lyk dat lor... she wear the NanYang sch uniform... very shiok lor.... how i hope i can be lyk her.... y can't i go into NanYang? So sad.... my dream school fly away liao.... sigh.... If i am given another chance, i would work xtremely hard to get into NanYang! It is all fate... blame hu? Myself lah... sian... Anyway hor, i would lyk to be a sales promoter here.... anyone who is below 13, and is a girl, i strongly urge u to go Cedar! Cedar is a VERY GOOD school.... must go hor.... very nice environment! Heehee..... Our life is predestined... sometimes our life seems so short.... i think we have to treasure wat we have now....treasure your frenships, your family etc.... Life is short, so live it to the fullest... Dun kill your time here on Earth! Now, i only have one goal in my mind, i want to achieve good results and go to a desired JC! Jia you, Jolene! Haha... very thick-skinned hor...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Second week of sch...
AIYO, second week of sch and i got a shock of my life! Secondary school work is damn tough! I cannot breathe liao... the literature teacher is so damn freaky... wat the hell is she toking abt....dun understand... My English teacher everytime make me laugh until siao... she so action mama. I lurfe my Science, Chinese and Maths teacher. They all very caring one lor... I HATE GEOGRAPHY! I can't stand it... so boring... i almost fell asleep! Sian...
U noe? My hwk pile up lyk hell already.... got project, this and that.... All my frens in 1Acorn very frendly one, especially Candia. She is a really good person! I noe a lot of frens dere liao lor... Yippee.... My new journey begins! Today we had the induction ceremony! Very cool one... we received our sch badgde... Heehee... Now still troubled dunno wat cca to join.... very ma fan lah... haha... wat do u all think? Calling all those from Da Qiao, u all want to go back on CNY? All the best to everyone in their new sch!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wow! First day of sch! How do all of u feel? Enjoyed ur day? I hope so... 2dae is a long day... startin lesson liao... hate my trs!! Pity no handsome teachers teachin me! Sigh... Looks lyk goin into a girls sch isn't good... it seems dat i am so wad lor... wats the exact word? i dunno leh...
Our sch quite nice lah... many frens made! Yah, 2dae i got cca audition... damn tough lor.... i tried performing arts... the audition very mafan. Pitchin, posture, rhythm etc. Aiyo, lucky i passed! I got shortlisted! Heehee, out of the cohort, only 100 of them will be selected leh! Yippee! Congrats me! Haha, thick-skinned hor?
Today, i did a very important thing! I went to Da Qiao Primary School! In case u dunno wad sch is dat, dat is my old sch lor.... wat i tok very 'rubbish' lor....Lame! Went back to see my teachers... I saw Peh Yew Meng, Mr Foo, Mrs Tan, Ms Khoo, Ms Zaccheus, Ms Rezia, Mrs Yeo etc... aiyah i think a few more lah... Da Qiao got another rock wall liao... shiok hor? Da Qiao got one new principal, wat Mrs Bilveer Singh lor.... I saw Justin, Joey, Candice, Sufen, Joelance, Xin Yun they all lor... aiyah, anyway, i will rmb Da Qiao! I lurfe Da Qiao Primary Sch, it ROX!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Hey guys, issit a trend now to pose/fake as sum1? How come so many ppl want to fake as the others? Very fun meh? I dun think so... Damn angry now... Oh, my head got fire!!!
School is starting 2moro! Do all of u hav a phobia of goin back to sch? I hope not! Secondary 1 seems to be very exciting... and our sec 1 life is starting 2moro! Excited? Nervous? Happy? Aiyah, i oso dunno how to describe leh... Rojak feelings lor! All the best to everyone 4 2moro! Make more frens! And take care! Yippee! Sec1s Jia you!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Oops, forgot to wish all my frens a Happy New Year! May all of u find joy in everything u do! All the best!
* Gentle reminder to all--- Live each day lyk it's something u should treasure; dun juz act lyk u are killing time here on Earth! [Devon]
Rmb this oso--- Nth splendid has ever been achieved except by those hu dared believe that something inside of thm was superior to circumstances... Dream! [ Bruce Barton]

Stay Happy 4eva!

2007 is here! How time flies! I am goin to be 13 soon! hahaha... though i dun look lyk one, i hope i will behave lyk one! no more or less cartoon clothes... dun everyday barney or elmo liao... yah, thats wad i would do to make myself look more lyk a Sec 1... Lets recollect wat i have done last yr, 2006... my precious memories... my achievements... my failures...lessons learnt...
2006---i failed my sci CT1 paper... i got 47 over 100! i was devastated... some more, some classmates even laughed at my bhind my back... i felt very terrible...tot dat it was the end of the world...sci to me is tough... my greatest enemy... a barrier in my life... i failed terribly another time... that was my SA1... got a 78 for my Maths... very terrible rite? i have never scored below 85 for my maths bfore leh...again i was mocked at... i was afraid to go home. As expected, i was caned very harshly... my mood was damn bad, dun believe ask my frens lah.... from dat day onwards, i was determined to put other things aside n concentrate on my sch work... i think i made the rite choice! PSLE this yr oso... i got a 259 and dis for HMT... dun say i Haolian coz i only reportin wat is important.... this yr i oso played in the interclass netball... haha, Joey, Candice, Xin yun etc were great! We got first! This yr, i have quite a lot of achievements... Chi poetry recitation !st, NSW English distinction, Interschool National Scrabble competition 3rd
Aiyah, i think no more liao... i can't be that great! I graduated from Da Qiao Pri this yr... its very sad lor... cried and cried... u ask sufen, suzann, xin yun, candice etc. especially when we sang the sch song and graduation song! I love DQPS! Fellow schmates, must rmb to reminisce the past and embrace the future! Jia You!!!

Wow, i haven't posted for so many days! Haha... busy doin this and that... watchin korean shows... readin my books etc...very hardworkin rite? Some more, i went to my sch's orientation camp! It's very fun! I finally managed to stuff my sch's values in my head... Moral integrity, Culture of graciousness, Synergy in Diversity, Passion for Learning and Love for sch and nation. Chim rite? ok lah, dun tok abt my sch liao lah... anyway, i made a lot of frens! Samantha, Xin
Yi, Marie, Xue Piao, Catherine, Candya etc... Heehee!