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Sunday, March 30, 2008

tomorrow is the BIG DAY .
for Leng Jen and Me
it's triple jump.
Leng Jen we can do it!
Yes we can.
tmr must chiong all the way.
i dun care, i am so gonna try my best!

this is specially for my dearest bestest hottest coolest trackmate!
L E N G J E N! (:
Leng Jen, you ROCK.
thanks for always being there for me in track.
thanks for going through all the turmoil with me.
thanks for encouraging me all along.
thanks for fooling around with me.
thanks for camwhoring with me after training.
thanks for going home with me all the time.
i can't thank you enough!

Leng Jen, tomorrow we must do our best ok?
i believe we can do it!
must break must break pb! (: