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Monday, March 31, 2008

i dun wanna say hello now.
i am not in the mood.

i screwed up that jump.
can't believe this man.
how hard i have trained and prepared for everything.
and what did i get today?
one underboard and one overboard.
wow jolene you're great.
how great.
(please sense my sarcasm.)

lengjen i love you!
i'm really proud of you!
you broke your pb today!
congrats woman!
i knew you could do it!
sorry i didnt keep my promise to prove to him.
now i end up having to write reflections.

anyway, conclusion is, i love leng jen!
and yea, dear, we will stay as best friends forever!
you're the bestest triple jumper in my heart!
always, forever!

we'll stay close and tight!
once again, good job!
i'm proud of you! (: