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Friday, October 5, 2007

i am so happy.
u noe why?
because exams are OVER!
stupid EOY...
ok well everything is over now!
i feel lyk opening champagne to celebrate lah!

rmb hor last year 10 Oct then psle end.
so fast leh. one year passed in the twinkling of an eye.
and i am growing old soon.
see another couple of mths and im gonna be 14!
aiyo so old already...

this year my exam end on 5 Oct(:
haha poor p6s.
too bad!
today was one of the greatest day in my life lah.
i played the WHOLE DAY!
haha ok not really play.
catherine, xuepiao, felicia, samantha, luoting, zhen yi and me went to tampines mall together!
wah it was super fun lah.
our stomachs were growling lyk siao. so we went to eat lah.
it was then that we splitted up wif sam, zhenyi and luoting.
catherine, xuepiao, fel and me went to eat mos burger.
then we go walk walk around tampines mall.
wah so many things to see leh.
so nice!
i was so tempted to buy all the stuff lah.
but too bad.
so cannot.

then we walk walk walk.
came across this shop hor.
got sell the test tube.
then inside put your name one.
so cat xp fel and me made one each.
the uncle was so cute.
we keep on bargaining lah.

then we go take neoprints.
however, the neoprints shop auntie go eat lunch.
then cannot change money.
then we wait.
meanwhile we went to the bookshop.
they sell second hand books one.
ok so we went in their juz to browse thorugh.
xp cat and fel go and pick up some books to read...
what kind of bks? u have to ask them urself!
i am the MOST INNOCENT one!

then so long the auntie still havent come back.
then we continued walking.
ok finally she came back.
wah this auntie not scared got ppl go in her neoprints shop and carry away all the machines meh?

oh yah, we went popular to walk also.
and hor, we looked at the o levels book!
some questions were rather dumb.
lyk wat provide energy for the start of the food chain or sth liddat.
then we also see the A levels one.
dat one chim.
and xp look at dunno wat economics.
i open the book arh, first pg alr dun understand wat the heck they talking abt alr.

after taking neos, we went to walk walk again.
and then we decided to go watch a movie at century square.
we could not decide wat movie to watch lah. so in the end we chose "Ball of Fury".
this movie is abt a boy called Randy Daytona, a ping pong player.
i shant say anymore.
go watch if u are interested.
but seriously it was worth lah.
quite nice.

after that we went to collect our that test tube thingy.
and then sayonara!

it was really a fun day(:

oh and...
cat xp and fel, pls tell me the meaning of "round!"
thank you very much!

*he sat behind me during french exam! my goodness.
je t'aime!
tu es mignonne et beau(:
j'ai tombe amoureux avec toi.