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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my blog is like so dead.
very tired and lazy to update lah.
this few days is like sometimes sad and sometimes happy lah.
actually nth exciting lah.
quite, or rather disappointed wif my results.
i mean wat kind of results is dat?
i havent gotten liddat in my whole life before lah.
work so hard and wat i get?
ugly results staring back at me.
wat kind of logic is dat?
oh well, i have no one to blame lah.
blame myself only lor.
stupid brain.
i guess i'll have to work harder nxt year lah...

although its holidays now, im not really in the holiday mood lah.
its like super super boring. nth to do one.
waste time.
we had this CRUSH thingy in sch.
they teach abt internet safety and all.
or wat u call netiquette.
quite interesting lah.
teach me how to be careful.

and today the pupil leaders results came out.
ok i dun think i shld talk abt it anymore.
its like very wat....

today french class we watched a movie at the theatrette.
ok lah quite funny.
but the so called atmosphere was kinda weird.
you guys noe wat?
in the whole big big theatrette ONLY got 4 girls.
its like super pathetic lah.
and got a lot of ppl laugh until erm....
tsk tsk.
then after that we went back to class and played HANGMAN.
the teacher juz randomly form us into grps lah.
according to our seats.
boon hui, sarah, nurshazwani, me, samuel, mark, joseph and another boy (sorry i dunno his name) same grp.
wah can die arh.
the other grp got very pro ppl lyk naishad chenglu ah gong etc.
wah they super smart can.
ok nvm.
we shall try harder nxt time (:

woohoo and its 4 more days to holidays!
dunnid wake up so early to go to sch.
can have my beauty sleep at home.
lol jkjk.
i will still have training!

oh im quite excited abt going to beijing for exchange!
hopefully i can learn sth impt lah.
kays very tired need to go and rest alr.
people enjoy ur hols!