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Friday, June 1, 2007

Thursday (31 May)
Today is Vesak Day. Also my mum's birthday! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MUMMY! Today, i went to Bishan J8 in the afternoon...bought two things. A Bag and Jacket...OMG, i better not go shopping! I am poorer by around 80 dollars! wth... Then after that, my dad treated my mum and I to dinner! We went to Thai Express, one of my favourite restaurants! My body is aching lah...frm all the exercises i did on wednesday during the training...hmm...exactly lyk wat Jing Yi said...u can lift that thing up...u can complete it...but ur body will ache...and ur hands can't move the next day! How true!

Friday (1 June)
Today, i am going on cruise! CRUISE TO NOWHERE. Hmmm....i am nt really very excited lah....lol...