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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what i used to love.
now, it's a total stranger.


i used to love piano so much.
it was my passion.
and now, i'm suddenly sick of it.
i dunno why.
perhaps i've been playing it for the past 9 or 10 years i guess.
just had my piano lesson.
got severe scolding from my teacher.
my grade 7 exam is round the corner.
and i'm not even playing to the best of my ability.
everything is like so screwed up, goodness.
what's my problem?
all of a sudden, piano seemed like a total stranger to me.
i remebered those days, i enjoyed playing pieces like "hot cross bun" and stuff at yamaha.
i dunno if i should continue playing the piano or give up?
i can tell from the expression of my teacher that she's disappointed.
very disappointed indeed.
afterall, she taught me for 9 years.
my music has no feelings now.
its just like a blank piece of paper.

i hate it.