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Saturday, April 12, 2008

ok i am onto blogging about today.


and yea, i saw and met a lot of people.

ok well, i shall start commenting on my 3 games played.

1st game
opponent: nicholas cheong
score: 200. (so sad. i could have done better!)
spread: -78
he's a really really awesome player i must say.
he has a nice character too! outgoing and friendly and yea.he makes one feel really good!
and yea, i guess he was the nicest opponent i ever played with in my entire life!

2nd game
opponent: marcus mok
score: 639 (yay!)
spread: +476
he's a sec 1. innocent and all. so yea, i was rather cunning when dealing with him!
hmph. jolene is such a bully!
tsk tsk.
i'm so bad!
anyway, he doesnt challenge any of my move at all!
that's why i bingo, and bingo and bingo!
haha. (:

3rd game
opponent: chen jia yi
score: 303 (errr...so lousy!)
spread: +202
he's sec 3. was quite ok lah. he was quite nice and not stupid!
so not fun!
i wanted to thrash him so badly!
haiz .
nvm i did my best!

today was quite nice!

people whom i saw today!
1. Roysmond Sim (i was so shocked. )
2. Joshua Eng (stupid)
3. Naishad
5. my french classmate (i dunno his name! oops!)
6. my primary school junior (i dunno her name too!)
who else...

ok lah, actually not that many people!

so after everything, i went home.
with roysmond and joshua.
we took a taxi to bishan junction 8.
and like obviously roysmond paid for it!
he's so nice.
ok roysmond, if you see this, you better thank me! :D
from queenstown to redhill costed quite a bomb i guess.
we crapped through the whole journey.
stupid joshua.
u better study hard and don't go LAN all the time!
and he pangseh me and roysmond.
as a result, roysmond and i had to eat at subway
joshua eng! urgghhhh.
ok nvm.
we had quite a lot to catch up actually.

thanks for the ride and the lunch treat, roysmond!

ok then i went home.

today was a tiring day.
but nice.
because i made friends!
with jason and nicholas :D

hope we get through the qualifying round and enter the finals!
omg i just realised that this entry is so long! oops. (: