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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

can things go back to before?
why are you suddenly treating me in this manner?
i don't have a slightest idea.
i'm sorry.

today hasn't been really nice.

1. I forgot to bring my handphone to school.

2. Early in the morning, the first person i saw on the bus was cheryl. that cute cute junior. and she nearly mistook me for jinrong, due to my haircut.

3. I went to school. And everyone who knows me were like totally shocked when they saw me and my new hairstyle. this is really bad. my hairstyle sucks.
ewww jolene, what did you do to your hair?

4. I didnt go for training casue i was coughing.

5. I came home, went to see doctor.

6. I received nasty smses from a super egostic flirtatious bimbotic bitch (quoted from nicholas).

7. I'm super tired. And i havent completed my homework. And there's french class tmr.


can you like seriously get a life? you're really a bitch man.
can't believe such a person like you actually exist.
haha, and dun try to be sarcastic, cos it shows that you're jealous, loser.

joseph chan and constance cho. get out of my life.