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Friday, September 7, 2007

this is my 100th post. haha so fast.
why everybody study so hard arh?
i dun want to lose out leh.
so as a result, poor jolene has to mug and mug.

ok i shall go and mug now. but before dat, i am gonna put up the tribute that i wrote to the straits times abt mr peh.
lol. and u guys go and compare see how many parts they cut!
here it is...

To teach is to touch lives. Teachers are essential in every pupil's life, be it the latter becoming an eminent doctor, a quick-witted businessman or and eloquent lawyer. Hence, I would like to wish all the teachers in the world a “Happy Teachers' Day!”
In my heart, he is the best teacher I have ever met in my entire life. He is none other than Mr Peh Yew Meng, my Primary 6 Science teacher. Science to me is like a scary three-eyed monster. Perhaps that is because I always fared badly in it and thus, having a phobia. However, when Mr Peh became my teacher, all the “hatred” had gone. The first day he came to our class, he stood up on a chair and said “I am a perfectionist. So all of you had better do your work conscientiously or I would come after you.”
Common Test 1 came. I failed. I was really depressed. Looking at my pathetic score, I cried. It was the first time I ever failed my exam! However, Mr Peh’s encouragement kept me moving. I knew very well that I had to do it, no matter what. After all, this year is PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations)!
In the twinkling of an eye, Mid Year Examinations came. I scored a B. Though it was still mediocre, I was over the moon because I finally saw the results of my hard work! At least I have given my best shot!
Then, it was 4 more months to PSLE. Tension is mounting rapidly. Revision papers and worksheets were given to us all in a stack as high as a mountain. Like many other teachers, Mr Peh sacrificed his precious holiday going through revision papers with us. Not only that, he taught us moral values too. He enlightened us by showing us some newspaper articles about the success of others. There was something he said which left a deep impression in my mind. “Those who hope to do well are hopeless. To materialize your dreams, you have to put in effort.” Not only that, he taught us study skills too! He taught us how to make notes and study for our examinations which boosted our confidence for the Prelims which are round the corner.
Frankly speaking, I did quite badly for Prelims. I made no improvement at all despite all the effort I have put in. I was quite disappointed with myself and was on the verge on giving up. Fortunately, Mr Peh stepped in to encourage me and my peers. He wrote me a card saying:
“Dear Jolene,
Just want to let you know that it has been very great teaching you. The limit of any man’s growth and progress is the limit which he places on himself through wisdom, perseverance, determination, diligence, self-discipline and strong fighting spirit.
Take control of your life and leave a legacy behind. May your life be as bright as the burning candle, which brings joy to everyone around you. All the best in the PSLE and don’t disappoint me as I care for you.”
After reading this card, I was very touched. No words could express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Peh. He is really an extraordinary teacher. Although he may be fierce and strict at times, I know that he always have our interests in his heart. He is approachable, jovial and friendly. What’s most important is that, there seems to be no barrier between the pupils and him! We could always talk to him if we are in need.
One month before the PSLE, there was intensive revision. Mr Peh motivated us a great deal. “The fittest survive. In this national exam, it’s either you survive or you perish. It’s all up to you. If you are on your death bed and you still do not want to wake up, there’s nothing I can do.” He set us a goal every weekend. For example: “This week, everyone will have to finish revising the P3 and P4 Science topics and make notes.” He believes that all of us will have the self-discipline to do what we are required to. It is the mutual trust in us that Mr Peh can work so well with us to produce stars.
After all the hard work put in, I finally got my desired result. I scored A in the PSLE for Science! To me, it’s a great achievement. Everyone in my class, P6 Ruby got A* or A. From majority failures to this, we have indeed came a long way. Mr Peh have successfully shaped us into precious rubies.
Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Peh YM of Da Qiao Primary School. Thanks for all your guidance! I would always remember the passion you have towards teaching! Thanks once again! You will always be the most fabulous teacher in my heart!

the end. i noe i super mushy lah.
ok gtg!

*and melissa, i am not MOJOJOJO! heehee.