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Friday, August 24, 2007

today is such an unfortunate day.
i lost my wallet.
and i am sick.
terribly sick.
today my whole head lyk i dunno wat.
turn and spin and turn.
siao lyk washing machine liddat.
urgh... and now i am having a fever.
the doctor said i caught a cold.
and perhaps i am too stressed up or wat.
yah this week is so tiring.
piano exam, french exam, literature exam and stuff.
i wondered how i fared for everything.
hope everything is well...

i think listening sure fail.
ahahaha. the direction i dunno a single one of them!
woah jolene, u are so smart!
round of applause.

today is the nomination for leadership positions.
PCs and PSLs.
and our dear catherine goh...
she is so popular!
haha. but i must say she deserves it.
yushu, catherine, shujia, levina, felicia, sherilynn and me got nominated!
i am so surprised.
but seriously i dun want to be lyk rizwana liddat.

oh and juz now got one person.
she so wu liao.
call me think of imaginary boyfriend.
i shall tell everyone wat is her imaginary boyfriend lyk:
1.she wants a foreign bf.
2.we communicate using msg in a bottle
3. brown eyes
4. must be tanned
haha. so high lah her expectations. anw, i hope she finds her prince charming soon! lol.

lastly, i want to thank those who cared for me.
i will get well soon!
thanks a bunch people!