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Monday, July 23, 2007

I am really very very very tired...
my whole body aches.
training was fun but tiring(:
recently, i am really very tired.
overcame by fatigue.
i dunno why.
can anyone tell me?
i am lack of sleep.
one day only 5 to 6 hours.
and summore i stay in school frm 7 to 6 plus! (on training days)
Felicia, Xue Piao and Catherine told me that i wont be able to take it frm the start.
i didnt listen to them.
i sort of regret it now...
my its my dream. i musnt give up!
jiayou jolene!
dun give up!
perhaps this is the only comfort i can give myself!
hmm...i really need sumone to depend on now...
tmr got french. damn scared. must face the super smart RI boys.
oh i am going crazy!
have no idea wat kind of life i am leading now lah...
this fast paced life isn't my cup of tea.