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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i am now at the computer lab.
wif varsha and gloria.
its recess now.
damn sian. jogging juz ended.
now, this shall be a short post.
ytd i had a really fun day.
first, i got my CAT tee.
Cedar Athletic Team.
omg its damn cool lah.
being in track and field has always been my dream.
i am pursuing now.
i cant believe. my dream has come true!
i must do my best. nt do things half hearted. coz i love my cca.
then we went to Assisi wif Candia, Catherine, Sing Yi and Xue Piao.
had lots and lots of fun.
hmm...today i go home then write more abt there.
i suddenly realised that my blog is really impt to me!
it accompanies me...no matter rain or shine.
tmr is nationals final.
i am nervous and excited at the same time.
we will go to chua chu kang tmr.
its kinda cool, isnt it?
gtg. Badi waiting for me.
she wants me to go get CAT tee wif her.
bye bye!