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Monday, July 9, 2007

I am burning wif rage now. A girl juz betrayed me. she is horrible. she destroyed my friendship wif another guy. wth. i hate her. how can she do it? i tot she was my good fren. summore that guy is sumone i have a crush on. now how? he will not tok to me forever! i am so sad yet so angry!
now i sms her. she never reply. yah she is pretty, much prettier than me. so? that guy ytd sms me "LOL oops...so sad..but dun use acid on her ar...dun be too jealous" I am so jealous now. that guy now having investiture rehearsal. i dun want to call him and disturb him.
i really hate it. y must she destroy wat i have done over the past few mths? i dunno wat she ssid to him and stuff.
i juz hope he will forgive me..
and i will never forgive that girl.
so sad she was my primary classmate and now things have come to such situation.
To the guy that i have crush on(:
really sry. i didnt mean to let the cat out of the bag. hope u forgive me. really sry.
i very scared u dun want to tok to me anymore le. very very scared.
Je taime! (a phrase that natalie juz taught me)