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Sunday, July 15, 2007

here to blog(:
its 12.25am.
damn sleepy now.
but no choice cant sleep.
coz havent finish tuition hwk.
its so hard lah.
i lyk every question oso dunno how to do.
i am so dead.
my results have dropped drastically since i came to sec sch.
i dun lyk it.
well everyone has to go through this, so i better look at the bright side.
juz now i talk to yoong kwei on msn.
ha. he went for an ironkid competition.
actually he got leg injury.
i call him dun go he still go.
lol. perhaps this is wat u call perseverance!
he is an athlete too.
he says that chances dun come easily.
yah true lah(:
see now in secondary sch.
i seem to be so tiny.
haha. i dun mean last time in pri sch i very big lah.
but at least a lot of ppl noe me.
teachers and even the principal.
ok back to yoong kwei's competition.
he ran for 3km and swam for 400m.
his timing i think was 23-24 mins.
can't rmb alr.
its lyk damn super good lah.
if i go and run sure die.
anyway, i really admire him.
i lyk this word.
hmm...its time to find my goals and pursue my dreams! its never too early!
what i said is LAME.
btw, my mum is going to buuy me a new phone! probably nxt wk? i am so super damn happy! haha. finally!
kk. must go and do my stuff le. if not tmr sure die.