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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wow! First day of sch! How do all of u feel? Enjoyed ur day? I hope so... 2dae is a long day... startin lesson liao... hate my trs!! Pity no handsome teachers teachin me! Sigh... Looks lyk goin into a girls sch isn't good... it seems dat i am so wad lor... wats the exact word? i dunno leh...
Our sch quite nice lah... many frens made! Yah, 2dae i got cca audition... damn tough lor.... i tried performing arts... the audition very mafan. Pitchin, posture, rhythm etc. Aiyo, lucky i passed! I got shortlisted! Heehee, out of the cohort, only 100 of them will be selected leh! Yippee! Congrats me! Haha, thick-skinned hor?
Today, i did a very important thing! I went to Da Qiao Primary School! In case u dunno wad sch is dat, dat is my old sch lor.... wat i tok very 'rubbish' lor....Lame! Went back to see my teachers... I saw Peh Yew Meng, Mr Foo, Mrs Tan, Ms Khoo, Ms Zaccheus, Ms Rezia, Mrs Yeo etc... aiyah i think a few more lah... Da Qiao got another rock wall liao... shiok hor? Da Qiao got one new principal, wat Mrs Bilveer Singh lor.... I saw Justin, Joey, Candice, Sufen, Joelance, Xin Yun they all lor... aiyah, anyway, i will rmb Da Qiao! I lurfe Da Qiao Primary Sch, it ROX!